Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

8 Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

For many brides there are some common wedding ceremony questions that don’t actually get asked until the very last minute. It is very easy to get swept up in all the nicer details of your wedding but these little things are the ones that can have you in last minute panics on the day. No one wants a panicking bride. Read the answers to our 8 common wedding ceremony questions and you will instantly feel much better prepared for your wedding ceremony. 

Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

Should I be ‘traditionally late’ to the wedding?

We have one straight answer for you here NO.  If we are talking 5-10 minutes to assure all your guests have taken a seat then that is ok. If you’re thinking something along the lines of 20+ minutes then definitely not. Not only should you think about your poor groom stood there in anticipation or wondering if you are actually going to turn up but also your suppliers. In some cases, they may have other weddings to officiate (especially overseas) or to perform at etc. The bride should be on time, it’s polite to your groom, your guests and your suppliers.

Common Ceremony Wedding Questions

What sides are we supposed to stand on?

If you are in church, looking at the altar, the bride stands on the left side and the groom on the right. Guests of the bride should then follow suit and take a seat on the left with the groom’s guests on the right. If you are balanced for numbers this works really well, however, if you don’t feel this will balance out then opt for the less traditional route of just asking your guests to take a seat where they would like.

Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

Should my bridesmaid go down the aisle before me?

Traditionally your maids followed you down the aisle with you and whoever is giving you away leading the way. This meant they could be in place to adjust your train. More recently,  and our personal favourite, the bridesmaids go ahead of the bride. This really builds up the excitement ahead of your arrival. If you are having a long train and are worried about it being in the right position then ask your wedding coordinator to adjust this for you, or a bridesmaid before they set off.

Who lifts up my veil?

This is a good question and it is really down to personal preference when you decide to unveil. One option would be to have your father lift the veil just as you reach the altar, in a sense of unveiling you to your groom. Another option would be to wait until you are about to say your wedding vows. You can hand your bouquet over to your chief bridesmaid and lift the veil yourself or have your groom do the honours. Personally, we think option one is the best option as it gives you a special moment with your dad and means your not watching the first half of your ceremony through the lace.

common wedding ceremony questions

Where do I put my engagement ring during the ceremony?

Traditionally your wedding band should be worn first on your finger, closest to your heart, which leaves brides asking what should I do with my engagement ring during the ceremony? Either pop it onto your right hand or, if it doesn’t fit, ask someone to hold it for you during the ceremony and pop it on over your wedding band when your ceremony has finished.

common wedding ceremony questions

How do I sign the registrar?

This is one of those things that you tend not to think about in all the hustle of planning a wedding. You should sign the registrar in your maiden name. No need to practise that new signature just yet.

common wedding ceremony questions

What do we do once we have walked back down the aisle?

This depends on what you plan to do once you exit the venue. If you would like to have your confetti shot straight away then take yourself to a side room (enjoy a moment with your new husband) and wait for all your guests to exit the venue and get in position. You can then exit the same way straight into confetti. Or, if you are happy with having a slightly more staged confetti shot (which we recommend so your photographer can really capture it well) then just take a step to one side once you exit. This way your guests can congratulate you whilst they leave and get into position.

common wedding ceremony questions

Do you have uncommon or common wedding ceremony questions we haven’t answered? Let us know we are happy to help.

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