Average Cost of a Wedding in 2018

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2018

With engagement season in full swing, we take a look at the Hitched and You & Your Wedding Magazine 2018 bridal survey and bring you the average cost of a wedding in 2018. I mean, I don’t want to put any of you newly engaged couples off but WOW!

Average cost of a wedding 2018, Our Unique Wedding

We all knew that the average cost of a wedding has increased over the years. With the influx of brides wanting picture perfect days and the boom in online social media inspiration such as Pinterest and wedding blogs (sorry guys), the price tag has been constantly creeping up.

Hitched and You &Your Wedding Magazine asked over 3,300 couples all about their wedding planning journey and whilst some of the results are to be expected I can’t quite believe just how much the average wedding cost in 2018.

The Average cost of all your wedding suppliers in 2018 is a massive £32,273

Where does all the money go?

How exactly is that massive budget spent I hear you ask? Well let’s take a look at the top 5 biggest expenses:

1. Wedding Venue
2. Honeymoon
3. Food
4. Engagement Ring
5. Drink

The Wedding Venue

Ok, so it may not come as the biggest surprise that your main cost will be your wedding venue. They dictate the theme of your wedding and with such big price increases for popular wedding days such as a Saturday in peak season, you can see why the average spend comes in at £5,221 for your wedding venue.

Average cost of a wedding in 2018

The Honeymoon

Up next on the list is the honeymoon which more couples are now factoring into the wedding budget. Opting for luxurious travel destinations such as Asia being the favourite the average cost of a honeymoon is now £4,545.

Average cost of a wedding in 2018

The Food

Following the honeymoon next was the food costs. With most couples opting for a traditional three-course meal for an average of 82 day guests and 106 evening guests you can see how paying out for quality food that you will want at a wedding is going to mount up to an average cost of £4,151.

Average cost of a wedding in 2018, Our Unique Wedding, Wedding Table

the Engagement Ring

One big price that did surprise us was the engagement ring cost. We thought the days of spending three times your monthly salary on a wedding ring was long gone but with the average spend being £2,657 it is still pretty damn close! On the plus side though – this is an expense you will get to enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

Average Cost of a Wedding in 2018

The Drink

And finally, on the top 5 biggest wedding expenses list, you have the drink.  Whether couples are opting for an open bar or just serving up drinks with the meal they are still spending on average £1,739

Average cost of a wedding in 2018

Don’t Panic

With the top 5 alone amounting to a cost of £18,313 you can easily see how all the extra to-dos left on the list can total over £30,000. But before you have a mini panic attack and meltdown at the thought of never being able to afford your dream wedding just consider that these costs of the average spend. That doesn’t mean you will spend these amounts – in fact, you can choose to spend as much or as little on each aspect of your day to suit you two.  So whether you’re chasing the Pinterest perfect day or keeping it low-key, spend only what you can afford to and want to.

Looking for a way to keep on top of all these costs, keep an eye next week for our ultimate wedding budget tracker. 

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