BEAT First Dance Worries

Unless you are both keen performers, your first dance is bound to give at least one of you sweaty palms! All eyes are on you two, you’re in a very lovely but difficult to manoeuvre dress and he is having to well, dance in public! We have a few little tips to try to help you beat your first dance worries!

first dance worries


Now lots of wedding advice will tell you to get yourselves straight down to the local dance class and learn a few moves. But, in reality, you only actually need to practice what you would like to do. If you would feel better learning a choreographed first dance then great – dance class it is. But if you just want to get through it without stumbling, try to just run through it a few times at home.  Put on your song, slip into your wedding shoes and enjoy a moment in between cooking dinner and washing plates. 

have fun 

It is a common misconception that you are supposed to stare into each other’s eyes lovingly for your first dance. This alone is rather awkward when it is just the two of you – never mind with your family and friends snapping away. So why not have fun with it? Fancy a spin, have a spin! Do you do a great synchronised running man – show us! It’s your FIRST dance together – not with your guests, do what you two enjoy doing! 


Really choose a song that you know the two of you will get completely absorbed by when it starts. This way you give yourselves the best chance of being able to zone out your guests and focus on each other. 


If you really really can’t stand the thought of being the centre of attention then get your guests to join in with you. Explain to your maids the worries and tell them they have to get involved. This way they know beforehand and can back you up!


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