Wedding Worries

BEAT Wedding Worries

It is inevitable that with all this planning and thought you are going to have a bad case of wedding worries. Are you going to fit in your dress? Will your transport turn up on time? Are all your guests going to be entertained? And of course the big one… IS IT GOING TO RAIN ON MY WEDDING DAY?

Unfortunately the fact of the matter is no matter how meticulous you have planned your day you cannot control everything! So why spend the day worrying about it? 

It is very easy for us to sit here and say, let it go and relax – and some people can do this. But for some of us, just sitting back and not worrying isn’t an option (in fact just someone saying that to you is likely to make you want to explode). HOWEVER, we can take a few easy steps in the right direction to make sure we don’t worry the day away…


Wedding Worries


Hire a Wedding Planner – or cheaper yet NOMINATE a well-organised friend/bridesmaid/mother to take on the role. I guarantee you they will feel honoured to be tasked with such an important job. So who is right for the job? Start with the person who will be there from the start with you, or at least a good part of the journey – this way they will know your day just as well as you do. Don’t look for the friend who loves weddings, look to the friend who always takes the leads on organising your social events. You don’t have to love weddings to love organising. Brief your suppliers of the plan and the go to person. On the day sign over all phones and communication to them. You really do not need to know if your band get stuck on the M25 and may or may not make it!


Have a backup plan– planning a beautiful outdoor wedding in the middle of summer? If it doesn’t come with its own indoor alternative make sure you have somewhere to go or something to cover you if the weather takes a turn! This could be something as simple as having a car on standby packed full of umbrellas or an emergency gazebo or 2. Brief your nominated planner on what to do should plan B need enforcing and the guests who will make it happen. Sip champagne and watch plan B come to life.


Control what you can well – this may sound like an obvious one but it’s actually quite overlooked.

Spend the time at the start sourcing good, reliable suppliers. Worried your photographs aren’t going to turn out show stopping amazing – spend time finding a show stopping amazing photographer! Concerned your guests won’t keep dancing – handcraft THE BEST playlist. Ask them what they want to hear on the RSVP.

And the big one – worried the dress won’t fit right??  Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day – cue the rigid new health and fitness plan. Don’t leave it until 6 months before the wedding – start on a healthier lifestyle as soon as you become engaged. By the time you have found your dress and had your fittings you will already feel much more in control. Team that with finding the perfect seamstress and all you will have to worry about is maintaining what you have achieved. Hey presto – no nasty surprises.

Be realistic, if you don’t fancy living on a no carb/no fun diet between dress fitting and the wedding then don’t start that way.


And remember, at the end of the day your guests don’t know what’s meant to happen next. They aren’t going to know that you had to switch to plan B! Honestly, your guests are there to share YOUR DAY, if you’re having fun and relaxed, they will be too!

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