Wedding Back Up Plans

Wedding Day Back Up Plans

OK so we don’t want to alarm you – but unfortunately there is that chance that something may actually go wrong on your wedding day. It is surprisingly not that uncommon, which is why you should always to have a back up plan in place, just in case. Luckily for you, we have sat down with Sam from SDCelebrations and found out what the most common wedding day complications are and how to get around them.  Continue reading

What to consider when planning a destination wedding

What To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

So you’re planning on jetting off somewhere beautiful for a destination wedding – who can blame you with so many wonderful possibilities out there! However, it isn’t all romance and butterflies, at least not at the start! You have some quite big decisions to make before you can get to that point. Check out what exactly you need to consider when planning a destination wedding. Continue reading

what is an unplugged wedding?

Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding?

It isn’t quite a make or break question when it comes to wedding planning but it is definitely one you and your other half should discuss and decide about before the big day –  what is an unplugged wedding and should you have one? Now whilst many couples embrace the idea of a plugged in wedding and set up a wedding hashtag there are pros and cons for both options. Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Cutting Costs – Cheaper Wedding Reception Venues

Last week we looked at exactly what the average cost of a wedding in 2016 was. At a staggering £27,000 this kind of left us a little heartbroken. Taking a closer look at what the top three factors in this massive budget amounted to, we wanted to know how we could reduce this big budget to something a little bit more obtainable and bank friendly.  One of the biggest expenses for wedding couples nowadays is the venue hire for your reception.  It costs on average £3,919 to just hire somewhere to host your party – never mind feed your guests. So how can you bring the costs of your reception venue down? Take a look at our top tips for cuttings costs with cheaper wedding reception venues.  Continue reading