Cutting Costs – Cheaper Wedding Reception Venues

Last week we looked at exactly what the average cost of a wedding in 2016 was. At a staggering £27,000 this kind of left us a little heartbroken. Taking a closer look at what the top three factors in this massive budget amounted to, we wanted to know how we could reduce this big budget to something a little bit more obtainable and bank friendly.  One of the biggest expenses for wedding couples nowadays is the venue hire for your reception.  It costs on average £3,919 to just hire somewhere to host your party – never mind feed your guests. So how can you bring the costs of your reception venue down? Take a look at our top tips for cuttings costs with cheaper wedding reception venues.  Continue reading

Unique Valentine's Day Plans

Unique Valentine’s Day Plans

Are you looking for something different to do on Valentine’s Day this year? Now we aren’t saying that a scrumptious meal followed by a swanky hotel isn’t beautiful because it really is, but why not use this as the perfect opportunity for a mini adventure or trip away and escape all that wedding planning for a little while. We have some unique Valentine’s Day plans for you to enjoy.  Continue reading

social media wedding stress

Wedding Pressure Is Real: Social Media Wedding Stress & How to Beat It

We live in a world where our social lives and social media work hand in hand – I mean did it even happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram?? Nowadays with the importance of social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram providing a plethora of big day inspiration you can see how easy it is for lots of brides to succumb to the social media wedding stress that their wedding has to be picture perfect and inspirational. Continue reading

How to care for your engagement ring

How to care for your engagement ring

If like us, you had spent months or even years fascinating about what type of engagement ring you would get then you also know how instantly scary it is when you finally have it on your hand. After all of the excitement of the engagement has blown over you are left with one big responsibility – looking after your engagement ring. Of course, you have the responsibility of caring for such a valuable item of jewellery but also you want to keep that ring as sparkly as possible after all. We have a few tips on how to care for your engagement ring to really ensure it looks it best for the longest possible.  Continue reading

Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

8 Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

For many brides there are some common wedding ceremony questions that don’t actually get asked until the very last minute. It is very easy to get swept up in all the nicer details of your wedding but these little things are the ones that can have you in last minute panics on the day. No one wants a panicking bride. Read the answers to our 8 common wedding ceremony questions and you will instantly feel much better prepared for your wedding ceremony.  Continue reading