Editor's Weekly - DIY Sweet Table

Editor’s Weekly- DIY Sweet Table

So we have something slightly different for you with this weeks editor’s hot picks. I completely fell in love with this cute wedding candy cart from Tees Valley Wedding Services after seeing a gorgeous snap from Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography. I wanted to see how easily we could make a cute display for your sweet table ourselves if we wanted to. We have all the sweet details and where to find them.   Continue reading

Editor's Weekly Hot Picks

Editor’s Weekly Hot Picks – Backyard Wedding Essentials

This week on the editor’s weekly hot picks I have a lovely array of goodies that really should be on your list of backyard wedding essentials. It isn’t all about the pretty this week (unlike last weeks delightfully rustic accessories), instead, I have chosen three items that may not have been at the top of the wedding checklist but you will definitely need. But don’t worry, of course, they are still wedding ready and will all look fabulous at your backyard wedding. Continue reading

Wedding Speeches Who Says What

Wedding Speeches – Who Says What?

Ah the wedding speeches – love them or hate them they are a staple part of any wedding day. If you are opting for the traditional route and have the father of the bride, followed by the groom and finishing with the best man there are some key points that you will be sure you won’t want to miss. Read our run down on wedding speeches – who says what. Continue reading

Cutting Costs – Cheaper Wedding Dresses

We discovered last month that on average a bride will spend £1,268 on her wedding dress when we looked at the average cost of a wedding in the UK. Which means after your venue and catering costs the wedding dress is the third biggest expense out of your wedding budget. But it doesn’t have to be! We appreciate everyone wants to feel and look a million dollars on their wedding day but have a read over our top tips to find cheaper wedding dresses without compromising on style and you can have the dream dress without breaking the bank.  Continue reading

Real Wedding: Keighley & Christopher Part 2

Earlier this week we shared with you the emotional journey Keighley & Chris had planning a wedding in the UK from Australia so they could share their special day with family. It was a beautiful winter wedding surrounded by those they loved. But as they had always dreamed of having a wedding on the beach (and lived in Australia) they decided to have TWO amazing days!  But what happens when it rains in Australia? Thank goodness for a plan B!  Continue reading