Editor's Weekly - DIY Sweet Table

Editor’s Weekly- DIY Sweet Table

So we have something slightly different for you with this weeks editor’s hot picks. I completely fell in love with this cute wedding candy cart from Tees Valley Wedding Services after seeing a gorgeous snap from Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography. I wanted to see how easily we could make a cute display for your sweet table ourselves if we wanted to. We have all the sweet details and where to find them.   Continue reading

Editor's Weekly Hot Picks

Editor’s Weekly Hot Picks – Backyard Wedding Essentials

This week on the editor’s weekly hot picks I have a lovely array of goodies that really should be on your list of backyard wedding essentials. It isn’t all about the pretty this week (unlike last weeks delightfully rustic accessories), instead, I have chosen three items that may not have been at the top of the wedding checklist but you will definitely need. But don’t worry, of course, they are still wedding ready and will all look fabulous at your backyard wedding. Continue reading

Editor's Weekly Hot Picks

Editor’s Weekly Hot Picks

As you can probably appreciate I spend a great deal of time browsing the big wide web loosing hours of my life looking at weddings photos, outfits, flowers etc – is a hard life (hehe). I wanted to pass on some of the great finds I come across to you lovely guys so each week I will pick three things that I love to let you know about! Continue reading

High Street Wedding Cakes - Marks & Spencer

High Street Wedding Cakes – Marks & Spencer

We are seeing an increase in the amount of couples moving away from having a wedding cake designed and created especially for them to using high street store brought cakes and we aren’t surprised! You can now purchase both aesthetically beautiful and scrumptious cakes from many of the big high street retailers; we take a closer look at Marks & Spencer and bring you our top picks currently available. Continue reading