Cheaper Wedding Catering

Cutting Costs – Cheaper Wedding Catering

We are continuing to tackle the UK’s massive average wedding cost this week.  On Monday we looked at choosing an alternative wedding reception venue. Now let us take you through some alternative options for cheaper wedding catering.

Cutting Costs – Cheaper Wedding Catering

On average, UK couples spent £3,959 on keeping guests fed and watered at their weddings.  As a standard guideline typical wedding catering involves reception drinks after the ceremony with canapes, a sit down three-course meal with drinks, and an evening buffet.  So where can we shave some of the costs for cheaper wedding catering?

Cheaper Wedding Catering

Lose a meal

Get married later in the day and lose the formal sit down meal. Usually, weddings are long days so it is polite to feed your guests. But if you aren’t inviting your guests to join you until later in the day they will have already eaten before attending. You can still have drinks and canapes after the ceremony whilst you have your wedding photographs, but head straight into an informal reception from here.

If you want to splash out a little more on the evening buffet you can offer your guests a bigger choice with just a small part of the money you are saving from not having a three course sit down meal. We love the idea of a hog roast and at roughly £700 to feed 100 people you can’t complain.

cheaper wedding catering

Make your own Food

Call on friends, family, neighbours – all hands on deck to cater for your own wedding.  It sounds stressful at first but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a reliable team of 5-10 people all willing to prepare enough food for 10 people each. Before you know it you have a buffet for 50-100 guests.

The key here is planning. How much is purchasing all the food going to cost? Can you get to a wholesaler to buy in bulk? Where will you store the food before it is prepared? What food can you make that is minimal to prepare and easy to keep? How are you going to serve all the food?

With the right people and the right plan, you will have the perfect option for budget savvy catering with the bonus of having exactly what you would like being served for your guests.

Ask your guests to buy their own

Now many brides to be will instantly dislike this idea. But hear us out. Imagine it was your friend getting married and you know they are restricted with the budget but really want you to celebrate the day with them. Would you not rather spend £20 and be able to share in this moment with them if the alternative is your friend breaking her back just to be able to have you there? Exactly.

Your friends and family want to celebrate this day with you, they want you to enjoy the build-up and not agonise over whom to invite because you can’t afford to have them all there. If they love you, it won’t matter.  Look at having your reception at a pub or restaurant with a set menu cost for your guests to choose from, or you can hire quirky catering vans that guests can buy a meal from a selection of different options. Either way if asking your guests to pay for their own meal is the only way you can have them there, then they should understand.

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