Cutting Costs – Cheaper Wedding Reception Venues

Last week we looked at exactly what the average cost of a wedding in 2016 was. At a staggering £27,000 this kind of left us a little heartbroken. Taking a closer look at what the top three factors in this massive budget amounted to, we wanted to know how we could reduce this big budget to something a little bit more obtainable and bank friendly.  One of the biggest expenses for wedding couples nowadays is the venue hire for your reception.  It costs on average £3,919 to just hire somewhere to host your party – never mind feed your guests. So how can you bring the costs of your reception venue down? Take a look at our top tips for cuttings costs with cheaper wedding reception venues. 

3 Tricks to Cheaper Wedding Reception Venues

Cheaper Wedding Reception Venues

Avoid Saturdays And Go Off Peak

I know you have probably already read this because it is the first tip you will come across when it comes to cutting the costs of your wedding. It is also the one that can save you the biggest amount of money with minimal impact.  The demand is so high for Friday and Saturday wedding venues that the cost can in some cases be double. This is also the case if you opt for a summer wedding over a winter wedding. We looked at one wedding package for 50 guests. It included a drinks reception, wine, canapés, a three-course meal and evening food. The package cost £12,000 on April to September Saturdays, £6,750 midweek and just £5,950 in January and February.

We understand why Saturdays are so popular for weddings. Having a weekday wedding potentially involves asking your guests to take time off work, but as long as you give your guests enough notice hopefully this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  Just think of the savings.

Cheaper Wedding Reception Venues

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Choose an alternative Reception Venue

You do not have to use the venues geared up for weddings to have an amazing wedding reception. In fact, we have seen and attended beautiful weddings in quite untraditional places.

Look to your local halls. This can be church halls, sports halls or school halls. Quite often these venues take bookings for events to boost income. We looked at one local community hall and the cost was £35 an hour with a maximum charge of 10 hours to hire the hall for a full day on a Saturday in July! This included complete exclusivity and the ability to get in the day before to set up and the day after to tidy up. One of the advantages of hiring such a place like this is you have a lot of creative control over your wedding. In fact, you have control over pretty much everything. Which can also be a downside to such a venue. You will most likely have to do everything yourselves, including bringing in tables and chairs. If you’re organised enough and have the time you can shop around for low costs rentals and have fun designing your reception from head to toe.

If on the other hand, you don’t quite fancy all the responsibility that comes with a dry hire venue such as a church hall you can always approach your favourite restaurant or local pub. Quite often they have the space to let out and in many instances don’t charge for the room as they make up the costs from providing your food.

Party at your house

If you have enough space (or know someone who does) don’t actually go anywhere for your reception and have it all back at home. Save yourself the whole expense of hiring a venue at all and turn your lovely space into an inviting, relaxed wedding reception.

Invite your guests to a garden picnic, eliminating the cost of having to hire enough tables and chairs for everyone you can dress the garden with blankets and serve finger friendly food. Even with minimal decoration, a garden can make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding reception. Just don’t forget some lighting for the evening. The key to having the perfect home wedding reception is to embrace the eclecticness of it all. Don’t get too caught up in the finer details but stick to a few key colours and really see where it all takes you.


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