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Choosing the right wedding flowers

It isn’t every day we get to pick a handmade, perfectly tailored bouquet of flowers to hold in our hands. They will be on nearly all of the photographs, a focal point for guests as you walk down the aisle and quite often the centrepiece of your table. So how do you go about choosing the right wedding flowers?


Wedding Flowers


Start with having an idea of where you want to use them. Are you only having a bouquet and a buttonhole? Are you planning on having one for each bridesmaid and each groomsman? Do you need smaller posies for flower girls? Will you be using them to decorate your ceremony and reception venue, if so how?


Once you have decided on where flowers will feature on your special day then refer back to your budget. Confirm how much you would like so spend on them. Flowers can range in price so if you are looking at having a large supply gracing your wedding you may want to look at choosing a more seasonal friendly option.

Wedding Flowers



Now, armed with the knowledge of where you would like your flowers, how many you are going to need and within roughly what price range you want to fit it all into start to have a look at what type of flowers work best for you.

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at and in some cases delightfully scented they also have meanings attached.  Want to reaffirm your deep meaning love – look at roses (red –passionate love, white – unity), myrtles (matrimonial love) or forget-me-nots (true love).  Perhaps you want your flowers to represent the hope you have for your future life together – consider lavender (devotion), violets (faithfulness) or bluebells (everlasting love). If you’re not sure what flowers work well for what you would like yours to signify then ask your florist, after all, they are a pro!


Don’t forget to consider how your flowers will work to compliment the rest of the day. Decide on what shape will work best with your dress, take a photograph along to show your florist. You will be holding it most of the day, so make sure it’s comfortable. Consider a flower with longer lasting ability if you’re getting married earlier on in the day. Getting married overseas in a hot climate then you will need flowers that can handle the heat well!

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