10 Delightful Dahlia Wedding Bouquets

With the peak Dahlia season running from May through to October these delightful, statement blooms make a great choice for your wedding bouquet when many flowers are past their peak. 

Dahlias are colourful, spiky looking flowers that come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Their dynamic shape means they can integrate well with a variety of floral combinations and the fact that they bloom well up to the first frost means they are a great choice for your wedding bouquet.

The Dahlia comes in a plethora of different colours. So whether you are looking for a vibrant summer bouquet or something more subdued you can find a Dahlia to suit. Our particular favourite is the café au lait Dahlia with a warm cream-blush colouring.

10 Delightful Dahlia BOuquets

Delightful Dahlia Bouquets

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Delightful Dahlia Bouquets

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Delightful Dahlia Bouquets

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