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Should you use a dry hire wedding venue?

Considering opting for a dry hire wedding venue for your big day? With more and more brides increasingly opting to go down the route of a dry hire wedding venue, we bring you the full list of pros and cons to help you before you commit to such a big decision. 

What is a dry hire wedding venue?

In the big wide world of events the term ‘dry hire’ refers to specifically renting a venue space only.  Unlike opting for an all-inclusive wedding venue, a dry hire wedding venue means that you are renting an empty shell. This then leaves the catering, furniture, staffing, audio visual equipment and decorations all down to the couple to organise.

What are the Pros of Renting a Dry Hire Wedding Venue?

Creative Control

Quite often when renting a blank space for your wedding this leaves all the creative control in your hands. The venue merely provides the space for you to create your perfect vision from top to bottom. You can opt for a space with minimal creative impact and turn it into your wildest wedding dream. Having the flexibility to handcraft your day, even down to the cutlery your guests will use, really means your perfect wedding vision can be realised down to the very last detail. Whether you’re the budget savvy bride looking to handcraft lots of DIY loveliness or you want to be able to bring in your favourite wedding planner without the worry of them having to coordinate with a venue coordinator you can.

Supplier Selection

When renting a dry hire venue you aren’t restricted to what suppliers you can use. Many all-inclusive venues restrict you to their in-house caterers or recommended suppliers. Having the option to pick your own catering suppliers, for example your favourite food van, enables you to have more control and flexibility over your day. This works especially well if you want a specific cultural cuisine or something different to a traditional sit-down meal.

Price Reductions

In some instances, for example your drinks, bringing in your own can save a small fortune. Instead of being restricted to the all-inclusive hotel prices, if you’re supplying your own drinks you can get them at cost price.  This also works if you are careful with your selection of venue space to rent. All-Inclusive venues are expensive because they offer everything you need all right there for you, opting for a church hall or other alternative wedding venue can really bring your hire cost down.

What are the Cons of Renting a Dry-Hire Wedding Venue?

With great control comes great responsibility

Hiring a dry-hire wedding venue isn’t to be taken on lightly. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with your organising abilities then think seriously if this is the best option for you. Many brides-to-be haven’t had experience in event planning and on top of the normal pressures of organising a wedding, this can be a big task. Your to-do list will triple and if you haven’t the luxury of a wedding planner this will all come down to you to arrange, prepare, finalise, coordinate and clean up.

Supplier Unfamiliarity

With the flexibility of having any supplier, also comes with the risk of the suppliers you book not being familiar with your venue. Familiarity with a venue makes everything much easier so you must be prepared to spend the extra time with your suppliers before the wedding ensuring they have all the relevant information they need to do their job properly and to ensure smooth running on the day.

Not always the cheaper option

It is quite a common misconception that going dry hire will instantly be much cheaper. As we discussed earlier you will be able to get elements of the cost down significantly but you may find some elements also increase. For example, a marquee can in some cases be considerably more expensive than an all-inclusive venue. With the addition of having to pay for extras, you wouldn’t normally have to such as furniture, you can find the cost keeps creeping up. Make sure you sit down a do a draft budget including everything you will need for your dry hire venue and compare with renting an all-inclusive before you decide on which option is best for you.

Not sure what exactly you need to include on your dry hire to do list? Keep an eye out next week for our complete guide.

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