Editor's Weekly - DIY Sweet Table

Editor’s Weekly- DIY Sweet Table

So we have something slightly different for you with this weeks editor’s hot picks. I completely fell in love with this cute wedding candy cart from Tees Valley Wedding Services after seeing a gorgeous snap from Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography. I wanted to see how easily we could make a cute display for your sweet table ourselves if we wanted to. We have all the sweet details and where to find them.  

We have based our DIY sweet table on this cute sweetie cart you can rent for Tees Valley Wedding Services. We love how the cute pink and mint green look against the white sweetie cart. They really do make a lovely addition to your wedding reception and even to rent can be quite affordable.

Sometimes you may not have the space to fit a whole sweetie cart in so why not consider making your own DIY sweet table? It is surprisingly easier than you think. Probably the hardest part of it all is finding a cute display for your sweets. As much as the point of a sweet table is to provide your guests with some sweet treats you also want them to look good. The key to making them looking good – displaying all your sweets at different heights, adding some #big attractions’ and cute accessories.

The key to making any sweet table look good – displaying all your sweets at different heights, adding some main attractions, cute accessories and of course lots of lovely coloured sweets.

DIY Sweet Table Essentials

Crofton Glass Jars on a stand

This cute little 6 Crofton jars display comes complete with a white scoop from Aldi for only £19.99. This is a great way to add some height to your sweetie table. It isn’t the biggest so I recommend adding some bowls out the front to really get as many sweets on that table as possible.

Marshmallow Trees

Ok now, these Marshmallow trees are just adorable and make the perfect main attraction. A great addition to any sweetie table they really do make for a fun sweet treat that also looks fab. These delights are from Etsy seller Spoilt Rotten Sweets from £19.95.

Haribo Hearts

Of course, you need something sweet to fill those jars with and what better than Haribo hearts? A popular favourite amongst adults and children and of course they’re hearts – perfect for a wedding. This tub is from Party Delights and they also sell them in a 3kg bulk bag.


You can’t have a sweetie table without something for guests to pop the sweets in. But these don’t have to be plain, with so many different, affordable options for you to use out there today you really can use this an opportunity to add some cute accessories. These candy stripe pink bags from The Wedding of My Dreams are exactly like the ones you used to get in sweet shops and available in a mix of different colours.

Mr & Mrs Bunting

And just for the finishing touch, we have found this Mr and Mrs white wooden bunting from Wedding and Party Store for £3.99.

Editor's Weekly - DIY Sweet Table


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