Editor's Weekly Hot Picks

Editor’s Weekly Hot Picks – Backyard Wedding Essentials

This week on the editor’s weekly hot picks I have a lovely array of goodies that really should be on your list of backyard wedding essentials. It isn’t all about the pretty this week (unlike last weeks delightfully rustic accessories), instead, I have chosen three items that may not have been at the top of the wedding checklist but you will definitely need. But don’t worry, of course, they are still wedding ready and will all look fabulous at your backyard wedding.

Plastic Dimpled Wine Goblets 

Now unless you plan on renting lots of glassware for your wedding guests to use these plastic wine goblets are exactly what you need. They come in a pack of 24 and really add a touch of glam to the disposable scene at a friendly price. At only £18.96 they work out at 79p each. At least you haven’t got to worry about getting all those rentals washed before returning this way.

Backyard Wedding Essentials

Sharing Platters

Ok so sharing platters may not be an essential – you could always just serve all that food up on some china plates but really – who is doing the washing up?? These 5 section sharing platters can at least ease some of the washing up, right? Besides, they are super cute & kid friendly being plastic. They come in three different designs and at only £1.49 each had to make it on the list.

Backyard Wedding Essentials

Steel Fire Basket

And finally, unless you are somewhere with guaranteed warmer evenings it is always a good idea to think about ensuring you have a heat source for your guests. I love these La Hacienda Steel Fire baskets at £15.00 from Tesco direct. These are not so kid friendly, however, make sure they are out the reach of tiny hands.

Backyard Wedding Essentials

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