Light Up Your Wedding Decor

Editor’s Weekly – Light Up Your Wedding Decor

As we move into September I have turned my attention to creating some ambient evening lighting for your wedding guests to enjoy. Those darker nights are just around the corner so light up your wedding decor with some delightful light up accessories. 

Apart from the big decorations such a festoon lighting, fairy light canopies and your DJ’s party lights, you can add some smaller light up accessories dotted around the venue to really help create that evening ambience and light up your wedding. There is something quite delightful about soft lighting in an evening and it really does add a touch of romance to the air. So say goodbye to Summer and embrace the cuddly atmosphere of Autumn with my top picks from the around the web to light up your wedding decor.

Candle Bags

Candle bags are a cheap way to create some extra mood lighting. These assorted colours from Little Cherry add an extra touch of sparkle to any occasion. They come in packs of 12 so you have plenty to pop on tables but for only £5.99 if you wanted to add a few more it wouldn’t break the bank. They also come in all white if you’re looking for a more classic look.

DIY Lightbox String Lights 

Lightboxes have become extremely popular recently but BM Stores have taken it one step further with these completely customisable string lights letting you spell out whatever you would like. With a whopping 90 letters including (not counting the numbers and symbols), you will not be stuck for something to spell out. At only £7.00 these really are a good bargain.

Wedding Send Off Sparklers

I couldn’t talk about adding some atmospheric lighting to a wedding and not include a sparkler send off. They look fab and are a great way to end the night on a fun high. Grab yourself a pack of ten from The Wedding of My Dreams for £3.00.

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