Galentine's Day Party

Grab Your Girls For A Galentine’s Day Party

What better way to show your besties just how much you love them then a Galentine’s Day Party. I mean let’s be honest, there is a good chance they have had to listen to the endless wedding plans, dramas and dress worries every step of the way with you – so go ahead show them some sugar and let them know you really do appreciate your I do crew with THE BEST Galentine’s Day party!

Galentine's Day Party - Our Unique Wedding

Soo you may be thinking, what exactly is Galentine’s Day?! Well, it is all about celebrating the girls you love in your life. You know how it goes, ovaries before broveries, uteruses before duderuses and so on! Well thanks to the US sitcom, Parks and Recreation, we now have a whole day dedicated to you and your loves.

Galentine's Day Party

Galentine’s day is all about you and your girls, so try to keep any wedding talk or planning to an absolute minimum – make this all about your besties and how much you love them! The chances are a lot of your time has been spent consumed with your plans for the big day so let’s make this one all about them.  If nothing else they will appreciate just spending some time with you – without discussing a wedding.

Invite The Girls 

Let them know you mean serious girl time with some invites to wow.

Set the Scene

I mean it is not like we need an excuse to decorate our house with pink party balloons but if we did, Galentine’s day would be it!

Have some good old-fashioned girl fun

Whether you love a good PJ party, brunch, pamper session or movie night Galentine’s Day is time to have some fun. Personally, we love the idea of taking it back to the slumber party days with your favourite movies and some scrumptious sweet treats.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy having some fun time with your girls – and giving yourself (and them) a rest from wedding planning! Enjoy x

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