A guide to changing your last name after marriage

Guide To Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

So who is getting a new last name in 2018? Whether you are taking on your husband’s last name, sticking with your maiden name, or creating a whole new name altogether check out our guide to changing your last name after marriage for all you need to know to help you get it done.

guide to changing your last name after marriage

With quite a few different options to consider when it comes to your new last name after you get wed you will want to take into account the emotional considerations as well as the legal requirements.

The Emotional Considerations of Changing Your Last Name 

Whilst you do need to consider the legal practicalities of changing your surname for many brides the biggest battle is an emotional one. Having been known by your surname for your whole life the decision to change it can leave you asking yourself lots of questions. Will you lose your credible professional reputation linked to your name? Will you be giving up some of your independence? Will you feel an emotional loss at no longer having that tie to your family? Whilst no one can tell you what to do your best bet here is speaking with family members, your work and most importantly your future husband. Come to the decision in your own time, without any pressure. If it is something that is causing you sleepless nights then your hubby to be should support the decision you come to. And remember, just because you have said I do to the marriage, doesn’t mean you have said I do to the surname!

Your Name Changing Options

Take his last name

The traditional approach. You can choose to take on your husband’s surname and your title of Mrs.

This is arguably the simplest route from a legal point of view. You can use your marriage certificate as proof of your new last name and this will be accepted by all government bodies and organisations.

Alternatively, your husband can decide to take on your surname, but that does become more complex legally and you would need to execute a deed poll. A deed poll is a legal document that proves a change of name. You can either make your own deed poll or enrol your deed poll. Which way you apply depends on what documents you want your new name to appear on. Decide where you want the name change to be registered and ask that organisation if they need an enrolled deed poll.

Keeping Your Own Name

You can choose to not change your last name at all and keep your current name. You can still opt to change your title to Mrs if you wish or keep Miss. This route may lead to some more difficult questions when it comes to the surnames of any children you may share.

If you are keeping your surname but would like to change your title you can simply let all the relevant companies and organisations know without needing any deed poll. Social ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌titles ‌‌ ‌‌‌ ‌are ‌‌‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ not ‌‌‌‌ ‌‌‌ ‌ legally ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌considered ‌‌‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ part ‌‌ ‌ ‌‌‌of ‌‌‌ ‌‌ ‌your ‌ ‌ ‌‌ name ‌ ‌, ‌ and they are not used for identity purposes, recognition of your title is just a matter of courtesy.

Double barreLling Your Surnames

You could opt to keep your last name and take on your husband’s name by double barreLling the names. You can add your husband’s name on to the end of yours or vice versa depending on preference. This allows both of you to keep links with your family name, and at the same time recognise a change in your marital status. This works well if you both have shorter, easier to pronounce surnames but could start to get confusing if you both have more unusual surnames.

This route will need you to change your name by deed poll. To avoid paying the cost for two deed polls, get your husband to change his surname before your marriage to the double barrel name you decide and then you can just use your marriage certificate to change yours after the wedding.

Changing Your Surname to Your Middle Name

If you still want to take on your husband’s last name, but don’t want to relinquish all those ties to your family name you can opt to turn your maiden name into your middle name. That way you would be known mostly as your new last name.

This route would require you to use a deed poll to change your middle name but the marriage certificate will be sufficient for your new last name.

Meshing Your Names To Create a New Surname

And finally, you and your husband could decide to create a brand new surname by meshing your current names together. This is a quite a contemporary way of looking at the last name debate and works really well if you have two surnames that mesh seamlessly together. You can think of it as starting a new family name.

Again, for this route get your husband to change his first before the marriage so you can just use your marriage certificate after to change yours.

Who to Notify When You Change Your Lastname

So you have decided on your last name now you need to actually change it, whether that is using your marriage certificate, deed poll or both! Each company or organisation that you are changing your name with will require different forms and levels of proof so make sure you check with them before you get started. And with quite a long list of companies who need to be notified we recommend printing our handy checklist and just getting started!

A guide to changing your last name after marriage

guide to changing your last name after marriage

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♥ Inland Revenue (tax and NI purposes)
♥ Local Authority (council tax and electoral register)
♥ HM Revenue and Customs
♥ Passport office (apply for new passport)
♥  DVLA (apply for new driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate)


♥ Bank or building society
♥ Mortgage Provider / Rent
♥ Credit card companies
♥ Store card
♥ Investment accounts
♥ Shareholdings
♥ Personal loans
♥ Accountant


♥  Pension providers
♥  Employer
♥  Signature
♥  Voicemail


♥ Electricity Provider
♥ Gas Provider
♥ Water provider


♥  Home phone provider
♥  Mobile phone provider
♥  Internet
♥  Pay TV


♥ Doctor
♥ Dentist
♥ Opticians
♥ European Health Insurance Card
♥ Specialists


♥ Home / contents
♥ Car
♥ Health
♥ Life
♥ Travel
♥ Pet
♥ Breakdown cover


♥ Clubs, societies and associations
♥ Magazine subscriptions
♥ Gym
♥ Loyalty (Clubcard, sparks card etc. )
♥ Automobile clubs
♥ Professional bodies


♥ Online shopping (eBay, Amazon, Paypal, Mail order etc)
♥ Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)
♥ Email addresses


♥ Land Registry
♥  Royal Mail
♥  Pet microchip company
♥  TV license office
♥  Your will
♥  Lawyer / Solicitor

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