High Street Wedding Cakes - Marks & Spencer

High Street Wedding Cakes – Marks & Spencer

We are seeing an increase in the amount of couples moving away from having a wedding cake designed and created especially for them to using high street store brought cakes and we aren’t surprised! You can now purchase both aesthetically beautiful and scrumptious cakes from many of the big high street retailers; we take a closer look at Marks & Spencer and bring you our top picks currently available.


Marks & Spencer have a wide range of wedding cakes available in all shapes, sizes and fillings. If you are feeling creative their basic range starts from just £8 for a small top tier up to £56.00 for the larger bottom tier. The simple yet sophisticated design acts as the perfect blank canvas and with your choice of fruit, chocolate or sponge filling you can be sure to cater for everyone’s requirements.

High Street Wedding Cakes - Marks & Spencer


However, for those of you who would rather not have to worry about adding the additional decorations and feel more comfortable knowing exactly what your cake will look like they also have a stunning range of wedding cakes made to order and visually striking! If you wanted to add extra special touches finish one with your own personal cake topper or flowers from your florist.

High Street Wedding Cakes - Marks & Spencer

  1. This four-tier chocolate wedding cake is filled and topped with chocolate ganache, covered in chocolate icing and finished with white and pink decorated hoops. Costs £249.00 and serves 110.
  2. This decadent four tier chocolate cake is smothered in chocolate ganache and hand finished with ribbons of chocolate. Costs £249.00 and serves 110.
  3. Covered with a double layer of soft icing the four-tier assorted cake is finished with iced decoration. The tiers are multiple different flavours: extra-large fruit, large all butter sponge, medium chocolate and small lemon. Costs £349.00 and serves 150.
  4. This simple but sophisticated all-butter sponge with buttercream is covered in ivory soft icing and complete with pearl decoration. Costs £199.00 and serves 140.


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