How to care for your engagement ring

How to care for your engagement ring

If like us, you had spent months or even years fascinating about what type of engagement ring you would get then you also know how instantly scary it is when you finally have it on your hand. After all of the excitement of the engagement has blown over you are left with one big responsibility – looking after your engagement ring. Of course, you have the responsibility of caring for such a valuable item of jewellery but also you want to keep that ring as sparkly as possible after all. We have a few tips on how to care for your engagement ring to really ensure it looks it best for the longest possible. 

how to care for your engagement ring



This should be a no-brainer! If your ring hasn’t been insured already by your other half then make sure you purchase engagement ring insurance as soon as possible. We know the sentimental value of your ring is priceless but financially, it has a value that you need to protect. It is much easier than you think to ensure your ring. In some cases, you can add this on as an extension to your current content insurance in your house. Alternatively, you can opt to take out single item jewellery insurance. Either route you decide to go down, just be sure to read the small print. You want your ring insurance to cover every potentially ring-threatening situation, from loss, damage to theft.


When handling your ring always be sure to pick the ring up by its band and not the stone or setting. Excessive handling of the stone could lead to potential damage to the setting and the last thing you would want is a wobbly diamond.

How to care for your engagement ring


It is fair to say the more often you are taking your ring on and off the higher chance you have of accidentally dropping it or leaving it somewhere. Try to avoid taking your engagement ring on and off unnecessarily, for example when washing your hands at work. Having said that, though, some day to day chemicals can actually damage your ring such as hairspray, perfume or furniture polish leaving us asking so when should we take our engagement ring off?? We would advise taking your ring of whilst getting ready. This will avoid damaging chemicals and decrease the build-up of dirt such as lotions in your ring. Remove your engagement ring when you are cleaning the house. Not only could you risk damaging it against multiple hard surfaces but again you will avoid your ring coming into contact with damaging chemicals such as bleach. Remove your ring before working out. The material that gold and platinum rings are made of are ‘soft’ and can potentially be bent out of shape or damaged. And finally during swimming. Cold water shrinks your hand and could make your ring looser than normal. Chlorine can both damage and discolour your sparkler so avoid at all costs.


Many jewellery companies will offer a ring cleaning service and we would recommend using one of these options for the best results. Cleaning your engagement ring at home is only appropriate if you have a diamond, ruby or sapphire ring. Other gemstones such as emeralds and pearls for example, (gemstones which are porous) could be severely damaged by being cleaned at home.

If you are wanting to clean your diamond ring at home then it really is quite simple using a soft brush and some warm water. Pop a few drops of washing up liquid onto the damp brush (e.g. a baby’s toothbrush) and gently brush the bristles in and around your ring being sure to clean the back as well. Rinse in the warm water (not hot) and repeat until you are happy with the results. To dry your engagement ring after either leave it to dry naturally or gently use a lint free cloth. Avoid using a tissue or any other material that could potentially leave fibres and dust on your ring. The results are one sparkly, clean engagement ring restored to all its beauty!

Have any great tips on how to care for your engagement ring? Let us know!

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