how to plan the best engagement party, our unique wedding

How To Plan The Best Engagement Party

Hello engagement season! Oh how you are my favourite time of the year. Meeting lots of lovely new brides to be and all the buzz in the air around wedding planning, truly magical. If you read our top 5 fun things do now you’re engaged then planning a party is way up there on your list of priorities right now so let’s take a look at how to plan an engagement party.  Imagine this as a mini dry run for your big day and a way to test the waters on your organising skills.

How To Plan The Best Engagement Party, Our Unique Wedding


1. Pick a date

Usually, you would like your engagement party to happen pretty soon after the engagement itself but if you plan on having a long engagement then don’t feel you have to rush. The important thing is that you want it to happen before any of your wedding planning dates – it’s a time to celebrate and have fun before all that wedding stress gets on top of you both.

2. Create a guest list

how to plan the best engagement party


Will you keep it low-key or are you planning a massive party? Remember it is polite to only invite someone to your engagement party if you plan on inviting them to the wedding as well so you may want to sit with your other half and discuss this before you send out any invitations.

3. Choose a venue

Now you need to decide where you want to have your party. This will, of course, depend on the size of the guest list and what type of party you plan on having. You could be planning a low-key afternoon tea at your parents’ house or you may need somewhere large enough to host a DJ with room for dancing.

4. Send Invitations

Make sure you let everyone know when, what time and where to go. Aim to give your guests as much notice as possible if you would like them to have a good chance of attending. If you want to keep the costs down you can do this online through a Facebook event or you may want to get creative and send out some formal invitations. Either way, if you plan on catering for your guests you need to keep a note of who is attending and if they have any dietary requirements.

5. Set the Scene

As with any type of party you are going to want to add your own touches. These can be simple decorations such as some bunting and scatter confetti or the complete opposite and transform your venue. It is entirely up to what you two would like to do (and how much money you have to spend on it).

how to plan the best engagement party, our unique wedding


So whether you decide you want to book a table at your favourite restaurant and keep it super intimate or rent a hall and have everyone you love with you, follow these 5 steps on how to plan an engagement party and you can’t go wrong. Then the fun part – what to wear??

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