Wedding Supplier: Chloe Fields Photography

Introducing Chloe Field Photography

Chloe Field is a UK based wedding photographer who truly LOVES photographing weddings! Specialing in a vintage come retro style of photography her passion for capturing your special moment shines through in all her work.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

 Hi, I’m Chloe and I am a part time photographer and a nurse. I LOVE all things weird and wonderful – give me bright colours, charity shops, anything floral or vintage, duck wellingtons and a pair of outrageous sunglasses and my life is complete.

I have had a passion for taking pictures for a long time but I didn’t have any professional cameras – I just loved snapping away on my phone and a small digital camera! Out of nowhere all of my dreams came true when I received my first Nikon DSLR for my birthday in 2013. Since that point, I just fell more and more in love for photography and developing a vintage edge to my work. I am obsessed with anything vintage or retro so I try my best to bring that into my photos as much as possible.

​I photograph pretty much anyone or anything I would class myself as vintage style photographer and love anything a little different or quirky …. so be prepared to be adventurous. I do photography because I love it so much but I am also currently a nurse so things are busy but I have such a passion for both areas! I have taught myself pretty much everything I know about photography with some help from some other awesome photographers out there, I learn something new each time I do a shoot and that’s something else I love about it … you can never stop learning and creating new ideas of your own and using inspiration of others.

I love to capture anything quirky or a little different, putting my own edge on photo’s is something I really enjoy doing and I feel I am now at a stage after three years experiencing photography where I have my own style which I have worked hard to find.

How did you get into wedding photography and what do you love about it so much?

I got into photography just by having a pure passion for it, to capture moments of love and laughter that could be looked back on forever just makes my heart sing like never before.

It began by me just capturing friends etc then I worked at some weddings alongside other photographers and for friends, just to gain experience.  I just fell in love with it more and more and with the experience I had gained I felt comfortable to start doing more.

Wedding Supplier: Chloe Fields Photography

How long have you been shooting weddings and what has been one of your favourites?

I have captured weddings for two and a half years now, the weddings that make my soul dance the most are the ones that are just a little bit different. If I can capture true love amongst anything vintage or rusty – that’s what dreams are made of for me. When I have had the chance to capture a wedding with an adventurous couple who are willing to go along with my crazy ideas, they are the best ones! I did one in the summer and ended up taking the couple to the grooms’ parents shabby old farm, they looked at me like I had lost the plot originally but loved the photo’s after, I even managed to drag them into an old battered up milk shed and it took my breath away.

How would you define your style?

I would define my style as weird and wonderful -something just that little different, vintage and retro.

How do you make the couples feel at ease?

I’d say I’m a very chilled out kind of person when it comes to it, I like to relax the couples just by being me. I like to meet the couple’s before the wedding and take photo’s if they like so they can just get used to me and how I photograph which makes them feel at ease on the big day. Most of all I like to laugh with the couple because there is nothing quite like laughing together and feeling at ease. I like to create great friendships in the process, after all, you’re part of such a huge day in their life it’s awesome to get to know them and keep in touch after sharing such magic with them.

Wedding Supplier: Chloe Fields Photography

Can you talk us through the process a couple would go through from booking you, to the wedding day?

After a couple book me I arrange to meet them just a couple of months or so before the wedding (unless they want to meet sooner) just to go through the day. If a pre-shoot is wanted then I arrange to do that, I communicate with them to chat about what I do and how adventurous it will be and arrange plans for the day. From that, I will be there ready and waiting to watch the day unfold on the date. I’m always available in between if they have any questions or queries.

In your opinion, what makes for great wedding photography? What is your favourite shot to capture at a wedding?

Those once in a lifetime moment’s for me really make it, the little things that no one else sees. I like to capture those dad holding your hand kind of moment’s, those aspects of the day that make your heart warm. It helps if the couple just goes along with you as a photographer if they let you be yourself you can capture the pure magic before your eyes. My most favourite kind of photos are the couple ones, there just sensational. It’s so great to take them off for 20 minutes allow them to reflect on the day and also capture them in that time.

Wedding Supplier: Chloe Fields Photography

How expensive would you rate your services?

I would rate my services at a reasonable cost, I charge currently £600.00 for all day (from getting ready up to first dance) with all photo’s edited on a disc after.

If you could give any advice to upcoming brides what would it be and why?

My advice would be to never forget the reason you’re getting married, to be with the one you love at the bottom of the isle saying I DO is what matters most of all. I’ve seen too many people lose sight of this with other aspects of the day but what people remember most of all is you both declaring you’re love to one another around the people that mean the most to you, not the table decorations or how the chairs are dressed. Also, don’t worry about the weather because there is no way it can be changed and life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain after all. You will still be marrying the person that means the world to you and that’s all that matters. I’d also say to make the most of every single minute of that day you’re given while embracing every inch of it because it just goes SO QUICK and before you know it, it will be a magical memory in your mind. Last but not least be adventurous and make the most of your photographer, if they have a bizarre idea just go with it because they might just surprise you. Photographers have a tendency to see the wonderful within an imperfect surrounding so just go with and trust them and I’m sure if you do this you will have your mind blown.

Contact Chloe Field:

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