Emmy’s Brigadeiro

Introducing Emmy’s Brigadeiro

Oh, we have delightfully sweet treat in store with today’s supplier. Introducing Emmy’s Brigadeiro. Using the finest Belgium chocolate and highest quality nuts Emmy simply creates the most divine, unique treats for your wedding guests. 

When we first came across Emmy’s Brigadeiro we had personally never actually had the pleasure of tasting one ourselves (only reading the great reviews) – and boy had we been missing out! When our little package arrived perfectly containing the 6 delightful Brazilian truffle treats it was a taste sensation.

Introducing Emmy's Brigadeiro

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what first got you into baking?

At the same time that I fell in love with my Brazilian husband, I also fell in love with the brigadeiro. When he introduced me to his group of friends who were mainly Brazilians, I had the opportunity to see that they LOVE partying. One thing came to my attention quickly – there was no party without Brigadeiros. Soon I became a huge fan of them and decided to introduce this sweet little delicacy to everyone I meet.

If you love chocolate and enjoy sweet moments, then you will fall in LOVE with brigadeiros too!

Can you explain what a Brigadeiro is and what makes them so scrumptious?

Brigadeiro is a delicious, luscious, handcrafted Brazilian gourmet treat. Quality ingredients are slow cooked and then hand rolled into bite sized balls of chocolate indulgence, nutty delights and fruit sensations.

Introducing Emmy's Brigadeiro

What makes your Brigadeiro’s so unique?

Brigadeiros are much more than a simple sweet. They are unique, they look good and taste absolutely amazing. To ensure we provide the best quality we work only with pure Belgian chocolate and the best nuts possible. Brigadeiro will definitely be an unforgettable treat!

Introducing Emmy's Brigadeiro

What different flavours do you bake? Which one is your favourite?

We offer 10 different flavours all together. We have 5 that are chocolatey;  dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate and orange chocolate. Or we have a selection of nutty flavours; pistachio, almond, hazelnut, coconut and walnut. My personal favourite is Pistachio.

Introducing Emmy's Brigadeiro

Do the couples have any flexibility to create bespoke flavours or personalise them?

There is the option to mix your favourite flavours together, for example; dark chocolate + coconut, milk chocolate +almond/hazelnut, white chocolate + almond etc. We really are open to any suggestions and just want to make the perfect treat for each couple.

Introducing Emmy's Brigadeiro

What is the cost involved for couples?

There is a minimum order of 200 brigadeiros at a cost of £160 (0.80p each) plus delivery charge depending on the location. Different discounts apply on orders above 200 brigadeiros. The brigadeiro can be also displayed on cupcake stands, macaroon stands and ferrero rocher stands which we can all be hired from us.

Couples also have the option of 45 ml jars filled with soft, delicious brigadeiro for wedding favours. These can be personalised with bespoke labels.

We also offer full dessert tables featuring brigadeiros displayed on different trays and decorations hired to the couple. The price of this will depend on the trays and decorations that we will use. This is all planned and discussed with the couple, taking into consideration their budget.

Can you explain the process a couple can expect once they have booked with you?

Prior to the booking, we will discuss the couple’s plan, style and colour theme of the wedding. Preferably I would do this in person where they can sample all the flavours and can see the forminhas (flower and lace cases) what can be also ordered from us in different styles and colours.

If we can’t meet in person, we are happy to post a sample box with the flavours and send pictures of the forminhas so they can choose the preferred style and colour to match their wedding. During this time we would also discuss how they would like their dessert table to be decorated and what their budget for this is.

To secure the date we ask for 50% deposit, the remaining balance is then due 1 month prior to the wedding date.

We are happy to work with the couples, implement new ideas and make changes right up until 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Introducing Emmy's Brigadeiro

And Finally, Emmy, are you able to cater for different dietary requirements?

Our brigadeiros are gluten and egg free. The chocolaty flavours are all nut free as well.

Contact Emmy’s Brigadeiro:

Website: www.emmysbrigadeiro.com
Email: hello@emmysbrigadeiro.com
Telephone: 07506561591
Facebook: emmysbrigadeiro
Twitter: Emmysbrigadeiro
Instagram: Emmysbrigadeiro

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