Just engaged - 5 fun things to do now

Just Engaged – 5 Fun Things To Do Now

Congrats to all you beautiful Christmas proposals! There is something so magical about a festive proposal – the fairy lights, festive spirits and of course being able to share it with all those close to you. For those of you who have just got engaged, you are probably thinking ok now what? You won’t’ be short of things to do now, especially once you set the date but in the meantime have fun with these 5 things to do as soon as you’re engaged.

Just Engaged – 5 Fun Things To Do Now

1. Tell Your Nearest and Dearest Personally

As soon as you are engaged you are going to want to share it with the world but honestly that feeling when you call your parents or best friends is so special, you are going to want to do this personally. Queue lots of happy crying!

2. Post a ring selfie

Ok, so you have already had the gushy phone calls with those closest to you now you want to announce it to the world. Whether you decide to go for something super cute or just a straight up ‘we’re engaged’ get it online and let the wider world celebrate with you.

3. Get a manicure

 Just Engaged - Manicure, Our Unique Wedding

Because the biggest thing everyone is going to want to see at the moment is the ring! Get a super cute manicure to go with that super sparkly ring and have fun showing everyone and anyone. Heck even show people who don’t ask – because why wouldn’t they want to see your beautiful ring, duh.

4. Plan an engagement party

Pop the champagne – enjoy this moment, bask in it! Even if you don’t want a big engagement party, just getting all those you love in one room to celebrate this special occasion is really worth it. Engagement parties are also great for those of you who want to have a longer engagement; after all, it is a time to celebrate.

5. Buy a super cute wedding planner

Just Engaged, Wedding Planner

Before you even think about the wedding you need a place to jot down all your ideas, plans, and inspirations and of course the budget. Have fun picking a super cute wedding planner to keep you on track before you get stuck in.

And don’t forget – enjoy every minute of it before the ever so stressful task of actually planning a wedding is upon you – good luck lovelies!

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