Kit Myers - Wedding Photographer

Introducing Kit Myers Photography

Kit Myers – Wedding photographer based in the UK but willing to travel globally. Kit is a photographer we personally love to work with. Not only does he produce AMAZING wedding photographs, our brides always tell us just how comfortable and relaxed Kit made them feel. We believe this is one of the most desirable traits your wedding photographer can have. We all want wedding photographs we can look back on for years to come and remember how special our day was, not how uncomfortable we felt in front of the camera!

A happy, relaxed couple and wedding party make for very memorable wedding photographs you won’t be disappointed with. 

Kit Myers - Wedding Photographer

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I love chilling out, when I’m not doing that I’m googling other weddings or editing one of my own. I like to watch the Moto GP motorbike racing (when I get the chance to), head off to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London and chase my nieces with my camera!

How did you get into wedding photography and what do you love about it so much?

By complete accident! It started off as a way of paying for a holiday a year, but then my passion for it grew and grew and I haven’t looked back! The best bit by far is delivering my photos or seeing people’s reactions to shots I get. That’s what makes weddings so cool!

Kit Myers - Wedding Photographer

How long have you been shooting weddings and what has been one of your favourites?

I’ve been going now for about 5 years. One of the favourites had to be when I got asked to shoot a Chateau Wedding in the south of France. It was a magnificent place and a huge learning curve for me, going abroad means you have to plan a heck of lot more than a UK wedding. Plus I got some of the best photos I’ve ever got!

How would you define your style?

Relaxed, more relaxed and chilled.

Kit Myers - Wedding Photographer

Can you talk us through the process a couple would go through from booking you, to the wedding day?

Couples usually come over to my office in Chessington where they can have a good chat with me about everything. I give a little presentation for about 10/15minutes and then we chat about life! After that they let me know if they want to book me and we go from there with a booking form, nice and simple!

In your opinion, what makes for great wedding photography?

Capturing little moments, like when Dad sees his daughter for the first time in the morning, the Grooms face at the start of the ceremony (only me and the registrar get to see that sometimes as he is facing the other way to everyone!) right through to the ‘characters‘ that emerge later on in the party because of the free bar. Hilarious.



Kit Myers - Wedding Photographer

How expensive would you rate your services?


If you could give any advice to upcoming brides what would it be and why?

Don’t be late, that expression ‘a bride is meant to be late’ couldn’t be more wrong. It means less time for photos, less time for mingling with family and friends and means the chef has to delay a meal meant for over 100 people!

Kit Myers - Wedding Photographer

Contact Kit Myers:

Telephone: 07790869844
Facebook: Kit Myers Photography
Instagram: kitmyers90

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