Questions to ask your florist

Questions to ask your Wedding Florist

A florist is a creative person, whilst they will be working to your brief they work best in their own style and you need to know what style of blooms it is you like to suit your wedding. Before you start making appointments with florists you should first decide on what wedding flowers you would like or at least try to have a good idea of the style.

It is important that you choose a florist that understands your vision, that you can work with to create your ideal blooms and that you trust to reflect everything you had hoped. Our list of questions to ask your florist should help you to figure out if they are the right person for the job and make sure you cover all the important parts.

The Basics

  1. Are you available on my chosen wedding date?
  2. Is there a specific style you prefer to work in?
    As we mentioned above, try to find a florist who works within the style of bouquet you would like.
  3. Do you have a portfolio of recent work we can see along with a list of references?
    Your florist should be able to show you a detailed portfolio and provide you with recent references you can contact. 
  4. Have you worked at my venue before? If not would you plan a site visit?
    In order for the florist to fully understand your vision, it is favourable that they have seen the venue or plan to visit it. If they really cannot visit before the day, be sure you have photographs to show them. 

Questions to ask your florist

The Blooms

  1. Based on my Ideas and budget what florals would you recommend?
    Have a  good long chat with your florist about what it is you would like. Then they should be able to recommend something based on what you can afford. All great florists should be able to work to any budget as long as you are flexible with your options. 
  2. What flowers are in season during my wedding month?
    A great way to keep costs down is by choosing a seasonal flower. 
  3. What recommendation can you give me to maximise my budget?
  4. If I provide you with a photograph of my ideal bouquet can you recreate it?
    If you know what you would already like then find out how accurately they will be able to realistically recreate it. 
  5. Are you able to offer recommendations based on my ideas?
    Let your florist get creative – they know what will look great! 
  6. What type of bouquet do you feel will compliment my dress?
    Be sure to have a photograph of your dress with you for your florist to see. 
  7. Do you offer any specific packages or is everything customised?
  8. Would you be willing to make a mock-up bouquet and do you charge for this?
  9. Do you provide any other accessories, if so what are the costs?
  10. What are the different kind of wraps (collars in florist terms) you can do for my bouquet?
    Be sure to choose one that will compliment your style, but listen to your florist here. They know what will look best and secure the bouquet the best. 

Questions to ask your wedding florist

The Wedding Day

  1. How far in advance will you create my arrangements and how will they be stored?
    If it is necessary for your florist to create your bouquets earlier than usual they should be stored correctly for maximum freshness. 
  2. Will it be yourself who sets up my flowers arrangements?
    If not make sure the person setting up knows exactly what you envisioned. Maybe ask to meet them also. 
  3. How long do you need to set up?
    Be sure to arrange this time with your venue and keep a note on your wedding timetable. 
  4. Will you have any other work on the same day?
    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You just want to be sure they will be available at the times you need them. 
  5. Where will you deliver my flowers to?
    More than one delivery address may be required so make sure this is ok with your florist.
  6. Will you collect all of your equipment after the wedding from the venue?
    You will need to let your venue know and also plan in case you need to deliver it back to the florist after the wedding. 

Questions to ask your florist

The Logistics  

  1. How far in advance to I need to book with you?
    Chances are you are looking at a few different florist so make sure you know the deadline for the booking. 
  2. Do you offer a payment plan?
  3. When is full payment due by?
  4. Do you charge a delivery fee?
  5. Will you move the flowers from the ceremony venue to the reception venue? Do you charge for this?
    If you need to move your flowers we would highly recommend asking your florist to do this. They have the correct equipment to avoid any damages. 
  6. What is your refund, cancellation and breakage policy?
    Make sure you know exactly what you are paying should anything not get returned or accidentally damaged. 
  7. Do you have Public Liability Insurance? 
    Some wedding venues will require this from all your suppliers. 
  8. When can I expect to receive a written contract?
    All of your suppliers should provide you with a written contract.
  9. Will you provide me with an itemised floral proposal of all the elements we have discussed and the price?
    This is important – make sure you know exactly what you have agreed and can expect. 
  10. Are there any additional fees that have not been taken into account?

Questions to ask your wedding florist

ask yourself

Has this florist understood my vision?
After spending a good deal of time with the person have they actually understood what you wanted? Do you trust them to create your perfect blooms for your big day? 


Questions to ask your florist


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