Real Wedding: Angela & Yodani

Real Wedding: Angela & Yodani

This quirky couple beautifully captured their personalities with lots of fun Adventure Time elements including wedding rings based on the characters from the American animation and an amazingly colourful wedding cake. 

The Engagement 

We got engaged on April 26th, 2016, we had dated a little more than a year before he proposed. Our engagement lasted one and a half years before we got married. Yodani and I met in college and were very good friends, classmates and coffee buddies in school together for about 2 years before we started dating.

The engagement was not your typical engagement. Not including the wedding, hands down I can 100% say it was the best day of my life. Before telling how it happened, one fact is important. Since I was very little, I have always wanted a Great Dane. My fiancé would constantly hear me talk about saving up for one and how excited I was to own one one day. So the day started out magnificently with breakfast at Babba Yegas in Montrose, in Houston TX. I am a huge breakfast person, and he knew that. After breakfast, we went home and he asked if we could go running together at Buffalo Bayou Park. Due to a recent ACL injury,  I had really low confidence and said no but he pushed me and encouraged me until I finally agreed.

When we got there he made sure I stretched, and he pulled out a huge portable speaker that was playing the Rocky theme song for motivation (how sweet). We took off and around the next corner he pointed out a sign that said: “happiness is just around the corner“. I wasn’t sure if he had put that sign there or not, but either way, I thought it was a very sweet gesture and kept on pushing forward. Continuing with the next trail, I notice a girl right in front of me walking a cute puppy. I ran past it but then looked back because I realised it was a Great Dane puppy. Knowing me, I just HAD to stop and give it some attention. When I had gotten my fill of puppy love I said thank you and began to run again. Yodani did not join me; instead, he stayed near the girl and the little Great Dane puppy and said actually, this is YOUR dog. He then pointed to a tiny basket off to the side of the sidewalk that had my name and an arrow pointing down.  I opened the box and was just in awe of how beautiful the ring and my new puppy were. Yodani took off his over shirt and revealed an undershirt that had “will you marry me?” on it. Of course, we knew what the answer was. That day I had gotten TWO of my dreams fulfilled in one day. Not too many people can say that.

The Wedding 

Our wedding was on a Friday evening, Oct 21, 2016. We both wanted our wedding to represent what a unique and fun couple we are, as well as bring both of our families together and celebrate us uniting as one family. We had all of our family and just close friends along, around 125 people. We actually got “officially” married during the ceremony. Our officiant who married us signed the marriage license document right at that moment during the ceremony for everyone to see. Our guests thought that was very special that we wanted to include our family and friends in the actual moment joining us together as Husband and Wife.

The theme was based on nature and florals. We also wanted it to highlight our favourite cartoon show that we love to watch, called Adventure Time. Our wedding rings were characters from the show, as well as the guys’ boutonnieres and the bridesmaids’ bracelets. The cake was also completely Adventure Time themed. It is a very fun and colourful cartoon show, just like we believe that we are as a couple. If I could describe our wedding in 3 words I would say uniting, unique, and unforgettable.

The Venue & Ceremony 

Our ceremony and reception were both at the same place – 5226 Elm.  We both chose this place because it was very modern with a beautiful garden courtyard on the outside. As we both graduated college with interior design degrees so we love modern designs. Our ceremony was held in the garden which has a small pond in the middle of the walkway – it was amazingly gorgeous, to say the least. The reception was inside the venue and had a cocktail area, as well as the main hall which had the dinner tables, DJ, dance floor and cake in.


My dress was purchased from Davids Bridal, as well as my accessories (petticoat, necklace, earrings and veil.)  My wedding dress is made by a designer named Oleg Cassini. I went with my mother a few months in advance of the wedding to try on dresses. The funny thing was the dress I ended up getting was the very first one I put on that day, even though I tried on several more!


I completely left the guys outfits up to them, I just told them the colours of what the wedding colour scheme were as well as their boutonnieres and they picked out different coloured ties accordingly. They could wear whatever suit they wanted as long as it was black or close to black. I made each of the boutonnieres myself each had a different male Adventure Time character on them. Yodani purchased his tuxedo from Jack Threads and his bow tie from Macy’s.


Finding my bridesmaid’s dresses was surprisingly the hardest thing I had to do on my to-do list. All my bridesmaids are of different shapes and sizes, and I was having a lot of trouble finding something I really liked. I ended up going with a brand called Chi Chi London, the dress being called Chi Chi Beatrice (curve fit and non-curve fitted). I didn’t want anything that you would normally see in a wedding magazine. I wanted something a little different, fun, and something everyone would be comfortable in and enjoy and that would match the very naturesque theme of the wedding. I made each of my bridesmaids’ a bracelet with a different Adventure Time female character on it to wear on the day.


I can hardly do my hair and makeup well in everyday life, so I definitely had to go with someone professional. It turns out that my husband’s good friend, Damaris Hernandez, has a side business for that very thing. She was also the girl who was staged at Buffalo Bayou Park by my husband to be walking my surprise proposal gift, my wonderful Great Dane! I didn’t know her too well back then so I didn’t recognise her in the park (thank goodness). She has definitely been a huge part of our lives.


I let my flower coordinator (Sammi Custard, from Events Made Easy) choose the flowers all depending on complementing our colour scheme of the wedding (sea blue, green and coral with some other neutrals like silver and gold.) Our decor was just incredible and everything I could have hoped for. We had white lanterns, opened up with flowers in the centre. We also had bowls of live coral coloured fish scattered around the tables in the main room from Petsmart. The guests had lots of fun watching the fish and thought this was very unique! And finally, for our tables, we had terrariums which I absolutely love stuffed with more flowers and greenery.

I would like to give humongous recognition to my mother, Judith Leather who made my bridesmaids beautiful bouquets as well as my bridal bouquet. It is so unique and like none other I have ever seen. I wanted something that didn’t have much colour but instead had an intense amount of bling and shine to it, bejewelled pins, clips and buttons, new and antique looking. She gave me that and so much more. It even has a locket hanging from it with a picture of my husband and me, the other side having a picture of our dog!


We had our food served in a buffet style from our favourite food truck in Houston, Curbside Sliderz. We had eaten from them outside of our complex one day, and could not stop going back for more of their food because it was so delicious. We knew we had to have their food at our wedding. It was very exciting and fun for us to have a food truck service our wedding.


Our cake was a very special part of our wedding. It was Adventure Time themed and everything we could have asked for. It was colourful, fun, and reflected exactly who we are as a couple. My cousin Sara Peters made our cake for us.


I created the table tents and craft activities for each table. I purchased most of the supplies from Michaels. I designed the table tents to name the tables for specific seating to make sure everyone got to sit next to whom they wanted to. The craft activity for each table involved guests making paper aeroplanes so that during the reception everyone could make their own paper aeroplanes to throw during our end of the night newlywed send-off.


Our DJ from Mixdoctors was absolutely amazing. He not only played our playlist (we picked all the songs) but he announced the cake cutting, toasts, garter and bouquet toss along with the games. Our games included a dance in which all couples go out to the dance floor and dance while the DJ asks how long the couples have been together (married). The last couple on the dance floor (the couple who have been married the longest) wins. We also had group dances and a shoe game. The shoe game was where my husband and I both took off our shoes, kept one, and gave the other to the other person. We sat back to back so we could not see each other as the DJ asked us questions about one another in which we would hold up the corresponding shoe to whom the question related to. This was such a fun game and got our guests really laughing!


I got ready with my mom, sister and Damaris at a hotel near the venue before the wedding and my mother took me in her car to the venue. After the wedding right after our paper aeroplane “send-off” with all of our guests and the wedding party outside wishing us farewell, our getaway car was my husband’s cousin’s brand new beautiful blue jeep. It was a very special getaway.


We booked Jessi Marri as our photographer. We know her personally so we thought she would be perfect to have at our wedding. We had a package that included photography all hours of our event, and a second backup photographer. Our package also included engagement photos, which we took a few months before the wedding at various locations. Jessi was so good to us; she actually provided us one of her very own photography booths for our guests to enjoy with a bunch of fun hats and costumes!


In the photos, you will find a picture of the pillow holding the rings that the ring bearer used. It is special because I had it specially ordered with our dog’s face on it. She is a very important aspect of both of our lives and our family, so we made it a point to include her in the wedding. We also decided to have tea bags at all the tables instead of candy favours.


I was so nervous waiting in anticipation of being walked down the aisle and seeing Yodani and so nervous that I was going to mess up my vows. But what was the most memorable part of our wedding to me was how perfect EVERYTHING went, and how much fun we had. I will never forget Yodani’s expression when first saw me walk down the aisle, this made everything else just fly out the window. The things he was whispering to me during the ceremony and the way he kept looking at me and smiling the whole time made all my nerves disappear and really made the ceremony such an exciting and loving experience for me.


Being the first and only wedding I have planned and all by myself,  I went into it not knowing a thing but came out of it knowing so much so I am overflowing with advice. A few of the MOST important tips I could give, though, is if you are planning the wedding yourself, do not set a date less than 3 months from when you got engaged. Trust me, you’re going to need a lot more time to plan things and get things ready if you don’t want to go completely insane! Another thing is, a lot of couples think and are under the impression that nothing much changes after you get married. especially if you have already been living together. in my opinion, this is terribly wrong. It may not change many tangible things in your life, but in my experience, after you have your wedding you will fall in love with your significant other ALL OVER AGAIN, and your love for them is going to grow immensely. It really is true. everything you do and say to each other after your special day is just that much more real!


Ceremony & Reception: 5226 Elm 
Wedding Dress: Oleg Cassini from Davids Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Damaris Hernandez  Bridesmaids: Chi Chi London

Groom: Jack Threads & Macy’s  Food: Curbside Sliderz
Flowers: Events Made Easy   Entertainment: Mixdoctors 

Photography: Jessi Marri


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