Real Wedding: Antoine & Star

Real Wedding: Antoine & Star

For this bride and groom, celebrating their fairy-tale love story was the top priority and what better way to do this than creating a day for them to really feel like a King and Queen, complete with Cinderella style transport.

The Engagement 

I’ve know my husband for 14 years. We meet back at high school we both ran track together. He’s always been my best friend and I fell in love with him first. I’ve always told him, me and him were meant to be together and I was right. We had been together for 3 years since October 2013 and he purposed to me on February 14, 2015, Valentines Day.

We both were home and I was making him breakfast. I turned around because I felt someone behind me and there he was on one knee. It was the perfect proposal because it was in our first apartment together and it was an intimate setting with just me and him. The day of our proposal we went the IPic theatre in Rockville, MD to celebrate. I knew the proposal was coming I just didn’t know when. Our engagement was for 1 year and 7 months.


Our wedding date was October 2016, after being engaged for 1 year and 7 months. I wanted my wedding day to represent Fairy-tale love. In today’s world love is slowly fading away. Most people get married because they feel it’s time or they’ve found someone that meets their standards. To be in love is a strong feeling. Marriage is something so beautiful it’s indescribable. I’ve never in my life loved someone as much as I love my husband. Marrying my husband is the best decision I’ve ever made.

The most important thing to me that I remember from my wedding day is the ceremony. Our officiant sharing what is the definition of Love and what Marriage really means. Having our officiant speak to us explaining what jumping the broom really means and also explaining the true definition of the sand ceremony. Also hearing for the first time ever, the officiant announcing Mr and Mrs Antoine Cooper.

We had a big outdoor wedding with over 180 guests. I am really thankful to my Wedding Planner Latasha Dennis and my wedding coordinators Juliana Hewitt and Sha Tara McSee for making it such a huge success.

Our theme was fairy-tale because I sincerely believe our love story is out of a fairy-tale. Dreaming of marrying someone that you see as your King and being able to marry that person means so much to me. I love with all of my heart and soul and my husband respects that. He treats me like his Queen, he makes sure I have nothing but the best in life. As a child, I’ve always been a big fan of Disney and fairy tales. Some of my favourite movies are Cinderella, Beauty and Beast, and Snow White. It was easy for my husband to agree to this theme because he knew it made me happy. If I could describe my wedding in 3 words I would say whimsical, romantic, and real.


Our wedding was at Rockland Estates in Hagerstown, MD. We had both the ceremony and the reception there. I didn’t want my guest travelling from two different places. Plus the venue was absolutely beautiful. This was the first venue we visited. My husband loved the venue and so did I. We visited a second place, but it was a little too small and the owner didn’t have very good customer service skills. We decided to stop looking because the first venue setting was absolutely beautiful and was a perfect match for our fairy-tale themed wedding.


My wedding dress was custom made by Joy Houston, a bridal designer. I didn’t want to buy my dress offline or at a bridal store. I knew I wanted a ball gown, but I wanted it to stand out. It didn’t take me a long time at all. I went through a few pictures on Pinterest and fell in love with one. I sat down with Joy and we looked at how we should change and customise the dress to fit my body type. She added more beading and took away a layer of ruffles because of my smaller body type, she didn’t want me drowning in my wedding dress.

I knew this was the perfect dress for me because every time I looked at the dress I fell in love with it all over again.


The grooms and groomsmen got their tuxedos from Men’s Wearhouse. Both my husband and I were involved with choosing the tuxedos but it was my husband who had the final decision. My husband’s red tuxedo jacket was custom made by Joy also.


My bridesmaid dresses were custom made by Joy Houston as well. I wanted my bridesmaid to have a dress they could wear over and over again. I didn’t want them spending a lot of money and not being able to wear their dresses again. Plus having a custom dress, the dress is fit for your body type.


A close friend of mine kindly done my hair for me and we used Leah Sarah Bassett for my makeup and my bridesmaids. I’ve worked with her before and she does great work. She is an awesome makeup artist. She works with all skin types, which was perfect for my bridesmaids.


The only flowers that are sentimental to me are calla lilies because those are flowers my husband likes as well. All my flowers were fake silk flowers because I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on flowers that die within hours. Plus, all of the flowers I used for my wedding are on display in my house and my Mother’s house.  Every time I look at those flowers in my house they remind me of my wedding day.


Since our wedding was outdoors we wanted to continue with the theme for the food. We went through a caterer company/restaurant Hemphen Hill BBQ. For our cocktail hour the guests ate fruit cocktail and for dinner, we had roasted vegetables, brisket, chicken wings with sauce, and smoked macaroni and cheese. Everyone of our guests loved the food and we received no complaints.

Our cake fell into our theme of fairy-tale, we had a medium size open book cake that said Once Upon a time…. and we had a larger 3 tier cake. Our wedding cake was great, but it wasn’t an important part of our day. Dinner and the toast were more important.


I created all of the stationery myself. I made my save the dates, wedding invitations, and menus. I did this because I am a very creative person and I love planning and making things. I also set up a wedding website through The Knot as I feel really comfortable with creating a website due to my own blog – Living Life as Star.


We hired DJ Mark Dennis. He was the perfect DJ and he played the best music throughout our night. We also had a bartender, Josh Umo, for our cocktail hour. While we took pictures our DJ played light music and our guest drank our cocktail drinks and ate fruit cocktail. I also had a singer that sang while I walked down the aisle and during our reception when we first walked in as husband and wife.


We booked Peter Choung as our photographer. I’ve worked with him several times before so I already knew he did great work. It was the best decision I made because our wedding pictures turned out absolutely perfect.


Another thing that was a big hit at my wedding was my horse carriage. This really tied in the fairy-tale theme. Everybody was in love with the white horses and Cinderella carriage.


My Mother, Aunt Brenda, and Aunt Rosie along with all my family members were a HUGE help, everyone came together and made my day very special. Every moment, every aspect, every chance I got to look and touch my husband made my day memorable. All of my hard work, planning, and organising was well worth it. Seeing everyone smile and laugh and just having a great time made my day special. Being in love and being able to marry my husband was by far the best day of my life.


  1. The best advice I could give to the next bride would be to make sure you are organised and you try your best to plan out your wedding day to the fullest. Try to make sure you have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator as this will save you a lot of stress and you will be really happy the day of the wedding.
  2. Remember to live in the moment and don’t sweat the small things, let them roll off your shoulders. Your guests aren’t going to remember a year from now what your table settings looked like, but how memorable your ceremony was. You can’t forget about what the purpose of the wedding is about. It’s about joining two as one, becoming married.



Ceremony & Reception: Rockland Estates  Decorations: Michaels
Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dresses: Joy Houston  Makeup: Leah Sarah Bassett
Groom & Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse ♥ 
  Stationery: Living Life as Star  Catering: Hemphen Hill BBQ
Entertainment: DJ Mark Dennis  Cake: Toni’s Sweet Treats
Horse & Carriage: Bee Tree Trail Tent & Lighting: Ted’s Rentals 

Photography: Peter Choung


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