Real Wedding: Izabelle & Travis

Real Wedding: Izabelle & Travis

Izabelle & Travis are proof that a wedding can be done on a very tight budget and still be a truly special day.

The Engagement 

Travis proposed March 26th, 2016 so our engagement was only 6 months. It was completely unexpected because we have been together for 8 years. He had been acting weird all day so when I called him out on it, he proposed.


My wedding in three words: so not traditional. We didn’t have a first dance, a father/daughter dance, real and overpriced flowers, or a human ring bearer…oh and it took place on a Monday.

We were trying to go for a Mumford and Sons-ish theme. We also only had close friends and family. It was either elope and have a honeymoon or have a ceremony and then try to go on a honeymoon next year, after discussion (and tonnes of pressure from friends) we decided on a ceremony.


We got married at Dresser Mansion in Tulsa, OK. Everything for this wedding, I paid out of pocket for, I worked 80+ hours a week and paid everything off before the wedding day. Dresser mansion was incredibly expensive but it’s also a beautiful place to get married and getting married during the week, knocked off about $2000. The most important thing for me was that the ceremony and reception take place at the same place. Our officiant was a good friend of ours so it was incredibly amazing that we got to personalise everything he said. As for the unity part, we always joked how awkward it’d be too light candles and they, not light or something catches on fire so we decided on the tree planting. A Groomsmen of ours drove from Colorado, so the tree is from there and it’s still alive today!


I bought my dress from David’s Bridal three days after he proposed (big mistake). My dress was chosen because it was the cheapest of the five I tried on (honestly). It was beautiful and it fit perfectly at first but then I lost 18 pounds and had to have it altered, twice! It was still incredibly long on me. I plan on “trashing the dress” as soon as Travis and I have money for a honeymoon, we plan on going to Ireland and I want pictures taken of us in our wedding outfits…then trashing it somehow.


Travis was in charge of his outfit and the Groomsmen. They wore grey pants, white shirts, suspenders and green bow ties.


I told my bridesmaids to find a grey dress and that’s it…a few of them had grey dresses so they didn’t have to spend money on a new dress.


I bought lashes from House of Lashes and had a friend do my hair and makeup because again, #brideonabudget.


Why people spend thousands of dollars on flowers still baffles me. All my flowers were bought from and I love that I can cherish them forever. Peonies are my favourite flowers so I chose those. The boutonnieres were also bought from and I glued the pins to them because boutonniere holders are like $5 each, no thanks.


My Mom, Grandma, Aunt and I cooked it all. It was a mixture of different foods because Travis and I eat everything. Filipino food to Italian. My wedding cake was made my a friend who caters for Panera Bread…it was a vanilla naked cake with chocolate chips and cream cheese filling (amazing!) The groom’s cake was last minute, Travis saw it on Pinterest and fell in love. It was made by Icing on the top and it was chocolate and peanut butter (with so much icing..)


Vista print! I saved so much money doing it myself. Also, RSVP’s are the worst and a total waste of money.


A good friend and coworker was the DJ. I got an amazing deal and everyone had fun. I also rented a photo booth from Let’s Click Photobooth. They provided over 200 props and guests could take an unlimited amount of photos. They also provided a guest book so guests could put their photos in it. Again, I saved $200 on it because it was a weekday wedding.


Again, when I say I paid for everything, I mean everything. Travis and I aren’t financially well off and we both have family issues so I told him that I’d focus and take care of the wedding if he got the bills so we made it work. Photographers are expensive. I decided to rent the photo booth because I couldn’t afford a photographer.. it was one of our Groomsmen who hired a photographer for 2 hours for us as a present on that day. We are beyond blessed that he did that for us because I couldn’t imagine that day without those photos. Unfortunately photos of the centrepieces and small details of the wedding weren’t captured or wedding photos of Travis and I but the pictures that were taken will be treasured forever.


I think the most memorable moment would be our handshake before we said I do. It’s something we’ve always done as a couple and it was pretty neat to incorporate it into the ceremony...I’m sad there isn’t video or good photos of it.


-Elope…Unless you’re rich.
-Pinterest will be your best friend
-Don’t buy an organiser book, make a board on Pinterest
-Check craigslist or Facebook marketplace for leftover Wedding Stuff for sale

-Enjoy the day because it’s over before you know it.



Ceremony & Reception: Dresser Mansion
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
  Stationery: Vista print
Entertainment: Let’s Click Photobooth

Photography: Misty Tharp 


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