Real Wedding

Real Wedding: Jacinta & Daniel

Stunning silver tones for this intimate pavilion wedding complete with Wall-E cake topper!

The Engagement 

I was overseas when Daniel started planning our engagement, we were together for only a few months. But in his words ‘I never want to be apart from you ever again’ so he went straight to planning the surprise. Once he picked me up from the airport and took me home he showed me my room, notes from when we worked together that he had placed in my locker each day were stuck to the doors, he had written poems as well as purchased some of my favourite things that he had sitting on my bed. Under a blanket, he had an Xbox one! I lost my mind, he knew I always wanted one, but when I lifted the box it was light, I opened it to find the ring in there along with a note asking me to marry him. I didn’t know whether to hug him or kill him, but I will admit, I did eventually get that real Xbox one! It was so geeky and cute.


We got married on the 29th of October 2016 this also happened to be my maid of honours birthday who I have known since primary school. There is definitely no chance of forgetting that date! The most memorable part of the day was when I first saw Daniel and the emotion he was showing made me cry with happiness, it was happening, it was real, this is it! Our wedding was small and intimate with only forty guests, we wanted those closest to us throughout our lives, we had a silver themed wedding, it was something that hasn’t been done that often, and made the planning of decorations and layouts much easier.  In three words? Best day ever!


Daniel and I looked around a bit, when we came across Parkwood International golf course we were pleasantly surprised with the support and information we were given. Our wedding coordinator Mel from Parkwood International really dealt with my crazy ways, every question I had she responded with positivity and reassurance, right down to the little fine details she was a massive help.

We fell in love with the pavilion which was in the full bloom with jasmine flowers along the pillars of the walkway. It was a lovely open area that we found flawless. The ceremony was at the same location so the guests didn’t have to walk far at all, it had a chandelier and fairy lights with draping, the chairs and tables had silver satin and accessories placed over them. The bridal table had fairy lights as well, along with all the guest’s tables placed around the dance floor so it felt more intimate.


About two months after getting engaged I started just looking, as most bride’s to be do. There was a store at Robina (that is unfortunately closed down now) where I just popped my head in to look. I budgeted, not wanting to spend the earth – So I looked on the discontinued rack and found a dress for an extremely good price. It was a dress designed by Henry Roth. I tried it on, not knowing if it would even suit, then decided why not and purchased it then. That was two years before I got married. So luckily I still loved the dress even after all that time!


It was a family get together because one of Daniels groomsmen was his brother,  so his parents and I came along for the giggles seeing all the boys dress up. They got their suits from the men’s store Connor where it was a full suit set for a certain price.


Finding the bridesmaid dresses was more tricky. There was a store at Harbour Town that had different styles and colours. Our wedding was originally going to be blue but we had to change it due to the hundreds of different shades of blue. The girls tried on some silver one strap dresses and felt comfortable in them. My main concern was finding a colour that could be used throughout the theme and for something the girls felt confident in wearing. After a bit of searching, it was decided for a silver themed wedding.


My maid of honour is a beauty therapist who owns her own business ‘Bashful Beauty’ on the gold coast. She did all of our makeup styles. I had a few different trials with her and we mostly wanted colours that suited the colour scheme of the wedding for the bridesmaids so they had more dark purples. As for myself, she used more pink and lighter tones.

Our hair artist was Sharne from ‘Once Twice More‘ hair and beauty – I think I sent her a hundred different hair designs because I couldn’t make up my mind, but when the day finally came around we decided that the girls would have their hair up and I would have mine down, just to differentiate us that tiny bit. She travelled to the apartment as well so it helped to do everything in the one place.


We had artificial flowers for the bouquets, button holes and corsages. We chose white traditional roses with little diamantes through them. The main reason we did was so we didn’t risk getting any not so fresh looking flowers from a supplier. It also gave peace of mind that we had them weeks beforehand so it was one less stress to worry about.


There were canapés for the guests whilst we got our photos taken, then there were alternate drops for entrees and mains. Entrees had either pork belly or sweet chilli prawns, and mains were steak or chicken with bacon. The cake was a two tier white chocolate mud cake that everyone went crazy for! We always loved the Disney movie ‘Wall-E’ so much so that we have the two robots tattooed on our shoulders, so we ordered the figurines online and I made the accessories for them to be the main attraction of our wedding cake

Our cake was a two tier white chocolate mud cake that everyone went crazy for! We always loved the Disney movie ‘Wall-E’ so much so that we have the two robots tattooed on our shoulders, so we ordered the figurines online and I made the accessories for them to be the main attraction of our wedding cake.


We did have a wedding organiser book, but it was hardly used. I found personally if I wrote everything out myself I handled the stress of it all a lot easier. Our wedding invitations I found on a facebook buy swap sell page, where a lovely woman sold them to us for a crazy small amount and they looked very professional considering we just used the printer at home to print out most bits!


We had a DJ for the evening. Because our wedding was quite small and intimate, everyone enjoyed chatting to each other and getting to know one another.


We chose ‘The Photo Grinder’ a husband and wife team, John and Billy. They had done our engagement shoot and were so easy to talk to. They dealt with our craziness and taught us how to pose without looking silly. They became great friends of ours, that much so, that we invited them to be guests at our wedding as well! They did a full day package for us, a lot of running backwards and forwards between different locations, but they did all of it with a smile on their faces.


What made the day memorable was all our guests, at one point every person had their moment of fame either on the dance floor or during speeches. I don’t think I have laughed so much in my life. I’ll never forget the nerves and tears I had walking down the aisle, seeing Daniel was truly a magical moment, this was happening, this is it! All our hard work and we are finally here and it is such an amazing feeling to have.


The main thing you must do is take a moment to let it all sink in, there will be nerves, tears, happiness and ‘oh is this set up the right way?’ Sort of thoughts. At the end of the day, you’re getting married! Smile, enjoy every part of the raw emotion you feel. This is something that starts and ends so quickly, the last thing you will care about is if something is in the right position or not. Smile, be thankful for those around you and cherish every moment.



Ceremony & Reception: Parkwood International
 Wedding Dress: Henry Roth  Makeup: Bashful Beauty 
Hair: Once Twice More ♥ Accessories: Louvisa
Groom & Groomsmen: Connor  Bridesmaid Dresses: Harbour Town
 Events de’fleur  Cake: Chanels Cakes and Cupcakes
  Entertainment: United DJs

Photography: The Photo Grinder


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