what is an unplugged wedding?

Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding?

It isn’t quite a make or break question when it comes to wedding planning but it is definitely one you and your other half should discuss and decide about before the big day –  what is an unplugged wedding and should you have one? Now whilst many couples embrace the idea of a plugged in wedding and set up a wedding hashtag there are pros and cons for both options. Let’s take a look.

What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding basically means you (politely) ask your guests to disconnect from all digital technology throughout part or all of your wedding celebrations. Meaning no camera phones, cameras, social media etc.

Pros of an Unplugged Wedding


Your guests are more present and in the moment. Instead of spending half the time viewing your wedding through a lens they can actually embrace and enjoy the moment with you.


There is nothing more upsetting for a professional photographer then getting the perfect shot of a bride walking down the aisle interrupted by Aunty Doris who decided to pop her hand out to try to capture the moment. Having an unplugged wedding means you seriously reduce the chance of your professional photographs getting ruined by guests chasing the perfect photo and letting of flashes.


If you ask your guests to politely refrain from taking any photographs or at least sharing them on social media until after the event, then all of your evening guests get the same surprise of seeing you looking lovely in your wedding outfits when they first arrive and not through a camera phone.

Cons of an Unplugged Wedding


You will have fewer photographs of your special day. Now, this quantity could, of course, be outweighed by the quality factor but either way, you will definitely have less.


Your shots will all be from one person’s point of view – the photographer, and they can only be in one place at a time. Family & friends are likely to be much less relaxed around each other and therefore get some of those more personal shots of each other. Plus they will all find a different aspect of your wedding interesting and therefore you will end up with a much wider range of images.


And of course the big one, by asking your guests to use your wedding hashtag and share all the images you have those instant memories to look back on. Instead of having to wait for your professional photographer to get your images back you can sit and browse until your heart is content – as long as they use the hashtag of course.

So what will you be having? Let us know in the comments. 


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