social media wedding stress

Wedding Pressure Is Real: Social Media Wedding Stress & How to Beat It

We live in a world where our social lives and social media work hand in hand – I mean did it even happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram?? Nowadays with the importance of social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram providing a plethora of big day inspiration you can see how easy it is for lots of brides to succumb to the social media wedding stress that their wedding has to be picture perfect and inspirational. So how do we stop ourselves getting lost in the big wide web and instantly feeling that little bit less of the perfect bride because our weddings may possibly not rack up the likes or look as amazing as those ones featured online?

social media wedding stress

Representation vs Reality 

Firstly, you have to remember that it isn’t a true reflection of real life, or in some cases even real.  A lot of these wedding images that you will find on social media sites will be styled shoots by a team of expert professionals. The aim is to provide inspiration, not necessarily replicable, to help you with your own wedding direction. In some instances, it just isn’t physically possible (or within the average budget) to recreate the exact wedding photograph you like.

Take a closer look at how one of these styled shoots are put together:

Instead of fascinating over trying to recreate the perfect image you have seen, use it to take inspiration from the elements that have worked well together to create your perfect version.

We also need to remember that each and every photograph you have seen is someone’s interpretation of real events – it may not actually reflect reality. With every photograph captured the aim is to portray that subject in its best possible light. This includes framing the image and editing it after it has been taken, adding filters, and removing blemishes etc. – all that make for a lovely photograph but not a true reflection of reality.

Remove The Pressure

So how do you beat it?? Well, the answer is you can’t. You just have to remove yourself from the pressure, go easier on yourself. Only two weeks into my engagement I found myself having my first mini break down – stressing over the little finer details because I want our wedding to be perfect when actually we hadn’t even chosen a wedding venue. I found myself worrying that my bouquet wouldn’t look picture perfect without even knowing what flowers I wanted to have it in. All because I wanted my wedding to be the best wedding possible for us and live up to all the social media wedding pressure. A few tears later and a little heart to heart with my other half quickly reminded me that it isn’t about how inspirational our wedding is deemed on social media that is important,  so stop stressing over the little details. I am marrying my best friend. And ultimately, even if it isn’t worthy of however many likes on social media, or doesn’t turn out ‘picture perfect’ – if we follow our hearts, to us it will be, and that is really all that matters.

Take a step back from the social media and wedding sites. Trust yourself and your instincts – not what is currently trending.

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