Styles of Wedding Bouquet

Styles of Wedding Bouquet

Do you know the different ways in which you can have a group of flowers arranged and tied, quite a few! Whilst we always advise you talk to florists about the style of bouquet that works best for your dress it helps if you have a good idea what they are talking about and what you like. Here are 4 of the top styles of a wedding bouquet. 

The Posy Bouquet

A smaller, round bouquet is the traditional favourite for brides. This classically shaped bouquet usually consists of more flowers and less foliage, wrapped together tightly with ribbon.

The Cascade Bouquet

Typically the cascade bouquet features a ‘waterfall’ effect of flowers draping down the front of the bouquet. The cascade bouquet is usually teamed with simpler dresses and adds a touch of wow to the brides look.

The Hand-Tied Bouquet 

The hand-tied bouquet has a more relaxed composition portraying a ‘fresh picked’ feeling. They typical involve a larger selection of foliage as well as flowers and really compliment a bohemian theme.

The Fine-Art Bouquet 

This ever increasingly popular style of bouquet is the one taking the wedding industry my storm at the moment. An extension of the hand-tied bouquet this style of bouquet is usually a mixture of lots of foliage and big statement blooms.



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