Styles of Wedding Photography

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal decision and very specific to your tastes. Very similar to choosing an outfit – what you may like other people may hate.  So although other people can advise you on brilliant wedding photographer’s they know it really is down to you two to decide on who will be the best person for the job.

Each photographer will have their own individual style of photography and it is down to you two to decide which one will capture the images you want to look back on for years to come. You need to first decide on what style of wedding photography is for you. Here are three of the most popular styles of wedding photography. 



Classic photographs are very similar to those that you can find in your family’s photo albums. They stand the test of time. They usually involve a larger amount of coordinating from your photographer and a larger selection of formal photographs.



Anything but posed. Photojournalism aims to capture the day as it happens with minimal, and in some cases, no coordination from the photographer. This style of photography is becoming more and more popular now amongst brides moving away from the classic style preferring more candid shots of themselves and the guests as the action happens, really adding life to the image.



Not all photographs need to be of the couple perfectly framed. Artistic photography aims to really make the most of the surroundings, props, creative lighting and post production techniques to really create a visually stunning image. Artistic photography relies heavily on the couple’s willingness to really commit to their wedding photography and work with the photographer.

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