Average cost of a Wedding

The Average Cost Of A Wedding in 2016

So you have just got engaged and you want to know where to start. Naturally, the first question for many couples will be what actually is the average cost of a wedding. We take a look at the average cost of a wedding in 2016 and what the three most expensive elements of a wedding are. 

Average Cost of a Wedding

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Average Cost of a Wedding in 2016

According to the Independent, figures released from Bridebook after surveying 20,000 UK weddings the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now a whopping £27,000. £38,000 if you have the pleasure of living in London. Just WOW! We knew that the cost of a wedding was slowly going up but to see it spelt out in black and white is kind of painful.

Where do we spend it all?

So what exactly is it about weddings that make up the biggest part of this huge budget? Leading the expense train you have the venue hire and catering costs coming in on average at £5,727. Followed by the wedding dress with an average cost of £1,268.

Now although we cannot speak for everyone this is a huge amount of money to spend on one day. To just really put it into perspective the average salary in the UK is £28,000. So if we lived in a wonderful world where we didn’t have to pay tax you would have £1000 of your hard earned cash left – for the year, basically reducing yourselves as a couple to one salary. As we said we cannot speak for everyone and we are sure in many cases tradition still runs rife with parents helping out, but why pay so much if you don’t have to? You can still have the amazing day you both deserve without breaking the bank.

How can we cut the costs down?

Before you decide to run away and elope stick with us for the next week whilst we take a closer look at the biggest three factors of this massive wedding budget – the reception venue, the wedding catering and the brides dress, in particular- how to not spend so much on them!

Up first on Monday: Cutting costs with cheaper wedding reception venues

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