Wedding Shoes

Tips for choosing your wedding shoes

So you have found the perfect wedding dress for your big day, but what about your wedding shoes? When you are choosing the dream pair of shoes to perfectly compliment your dress there are a few things you need to keep in mind. We have some top tips for choosing your wedding shoes.

Wedding Shoes


You will be wearing your wedding shoes if not all day then for the most part. Make sure you choose shoes that you feel comfortable in and can walk in. No one looks attractive trying to walk in shoes that are too high for them, no matter how beautiful the shoe is. If you really have fell in love with a pair that you know you won’t be able to wear all day then get yourself a second, practical pair to change into.


Wear your wedding shoes as much as possible before your big day. Keep it to in the house (on carpet) to avoid any potential damage. You will need them before your last dress fitting for sure so the sooner you can purchase your shoes the better. This way you have plenty of time to break them in and practice walking in them.


Cinderella is proof a great pair of shoes can change your life. OK so shoes may not be the answer to everything but they will make you feel like a true princess for the day. Splash out on your princess slippers whatever style they may be.


It is very easy to pick a pair of shoes you have fell in love with without actually considering how well they will fit in with your wedding day. If you are having an outdoor ceremony on lawns then look out for a more practical heel than a stiletto. Be sure to also with your venue that they do not have any restrictions on your shoes – some historic venues will not allow stilettos.


The shoes you wear are a great way to express yourself. They will not be on show for the whole time so its chance to add a really UNIQUE spin to your wedding outfit.

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