Unique Valentine's Day Plans

Unique Valentine’s Day Plans

Are you looking for something different to do on Valentine’s Day this year? Now we aren’t saying that a scrumptious meal followed by a swanky hotel isn’t beautiful because it really is, but why not use this as the perfect opportunity for a mini adventure or trip away and escape all that wedding planning for a little while. We have some unique Valentine’s Day plans for you to enjoy. 

Hire a Vintage Car

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

Wind blowing in your hair, oversized sunglasses and a handsome gentleman with a shining smile. Old school films have set this romantic scene well so why not give it a try and see where the open road takes you. Pack a picnic with you and enjoy the excitement of having nothing planned, because let’s be honest you’ve probably had just about enough of making plans if you’re well into the wedding organising.

Cook something adventurous together

Unique Valentine's Day Plans

If you don’t fancy going out this Valentine’s Day then why not cook up a storm together. Find a recipe you have never tried before, be adventurous with your selection. Love Italian – try making your own pasta. Favourite place is Greece – design your perfect meze. Find something that takes time, which you can get creative with and enjoy making it together. Select your courses, your wine and build the perfect meal.

Take A Romantic Twilight Tour

Unique Valentine's Day Plans

Adding the soft flicker of candlelight to an old, historic building adds a truly romantic spin on a standard tour. Many of the big cathedrals or historic sites provide evening tours enabling you to observe the beautiful history in dimly lit surroundings.

Craft Something Together

Unique Valentine's Day Plans

Whilst we have all seen the film Ghost, I bet not that many of us have actually ever tried crafting something with our partners (alive ideally). Whether you class yourselves as a creative pair or not, having a go at designing and making something together is sure to be a giggle. Many of the big experience day companies now include trying your hand at pottery or glass blowing.  You never know if it turns out well, you have just hand crafted your own one of a kind top table decoration.

Stay somewhere unique

Unique Valentine's Day Plans

As we mentioned above, posh hotels are beautiful but with the introduction of sites such as Airbnb the possibilities for your overnight stays just got a lot more interesting. Always fancied staying in a treehouse? Or perhaps you would prefer a windmill? Wherever you fancy let your imagination run wild and go find it.

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