warn the groom

Warn the groom..

Now we all know the main focus point of a wedding is the bride! Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate the groom is a BIG PART of the day but let’s be honest we swoon over the dress, her hair, her flowers and generally how beautiful the bride looks! Perhaps someone should warn the groom of a few home truths before the wedding…warn the groom

Someone should warn the groom that…


You will be number 1 dress holder! From the moment you say I do it will be your responsibility to help your gorgeous bride walk in the almost impossible to walk in dress. Be prepared, you are saying I do commit to holding your dress up so you can walk from a to b without falling over.

hold the bouquet 

You will almost certainly have to hold her bouquet and get snapped doing so! By now you have started to get an understanding of how this is going to work, it isn’t easy being a bride! You are officially not allowed to swan around in your comfy shoes carefree, oh no! Being the gentleman you are, you will inevitably give her a helping hand.

strike a pose 

CONGRATS you now get to spend the next hour holding your bride in rather awkward poses so the photographer can get the perfect shot! Yes, of course, you want her to uncomfortably lie over you and the grooms’ men! What’s that – lift her at the waist..in the air??!!

but wow! 

But in all seriousness, nothing can prepare you for when you first see her walking down the aisle – honestly, that feeling is going to blow you away!

warn the groom

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