Loving ways to include your mother in your wedding

Loving Ways To Include Your Mother In Your Wedding

Our mother, our lifelong inspiration. What better way to say an extra special thank you for raising you then on your wedding day. We bring you some loving ways to include your mother in your wedding day.

loving ways to include your mother in your wedding

Quite often, your wedding day is also a massive day for your mum. A day that symbolises you are ‘flying the nest’ and starting your own family. Amidst all the excitement, planning, stress and emotion, the chances are your mother will be right there feeling it all with you – so just take a moment to let her know you appreciate it. You may be growing up, but in her eyes, you will always be her little girl.

Involve Her

We all have our bridesmaids, and let’s be honest they may be more in tune with our tastes, but involve your mum. She is excited for you! Show her your Pinterest board, or better yet teach her how to use it and share your board with her so she can keep up to date with your ideas and inspirations. Let her help you with the plans and arrangements, take her dress shopping with you and to view your venue, ask for her advice. You may not always take it, but she will appreciate being involved and you will appreciate her being there for moral support if nothing else.

Make her feel special

Your mum wants to look and feel good on your day as well. Don’t forget to spend the time with her helping her to achieve this. Have a dedicated day when you two go and look for her outfit. Tell her she is beautiful. Include her in the hair and makeup plans, make sure she is walking with her head held high right there next to you.

Work as a Team

Now we can’t speak for every mother-daughter relationship out there, but it’s common knowledge that sometimes there can be frictional. Your mother raised you, and for that reason, you are more like her than you will probably ever realise, which means you have had your fair few arguments. So try to work as a team for your wedding. It may be over the guest list (in fact it will probably always be over the guest list) or something trivial to you and important to her, so listen to her and work together to come out with the best solution.

Celebrate her hidden talents

Is your mum excellent with a sewing machine? A great singer? Perhaps she is an amazing baker? Why not celebrate her little hidden talents by including them at your wedding. That doesn’t mean you have to get her baking 120 desserts for your wedding, but work with your caterers and get them recreating your mum’s family recipes.

Incorporate her dress into yours

Has your mum kept her wedding dress, or perhaps her veil? Then why not consider incorporating it into your wedding attire. We appreciate fashion has changed and you may not be too keen on the idea of wearing her puffed sleeve ensemble, that doesn’t mean you cannot use a part of it.  If you are struggling to find a way to incorporate it with your dress perhaps you can wear her veil, or use some of the fabric to wrap your bouquet.

Take a Moment

Your mum will be there by your side the morning of your wedding, helping you get ready, telling you how beautiful you look, but once the day starts it’s all go and before you know it the day will be whizzing past you. Take a moment away from the hustle of it to just sit and spend some time with her. Appreciate all her hard work in helping with your big day, and her love and support. We can buy our mothers a special gift to say thank you for all their help, but the truth is your time is more precious than any gift. Taking time out on your wedding day to celebrate with your mum and enjoy the moment will be much more appreciated, and probably emotional so maybe leave it until after the photographs!


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