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Wedding Abroad – PROS AND CONS

Recently in England, we have seen an increase in couples jetting overseas. What exactly are the pros and cons of deciding to have your wedding abroad?

wedding abroad



Usually deciding to head overseas for your wedding enables you to have a smaller, more intimate celebration. Only inviting those closest to you (or even for just the two of you!)This way you know you are sharing your special day with really special guests who want to be there for you both.


Following on from above, fewer guests cost less money! Most places in Europe tend not to have the higher price tag for weddings as the UK does. This can generally be cheaper for all your suppliers.  A lot of overseas wedding packages have set a price which also means less scope for overspending (unless you want to).


If you are planning on having your wedding overseas and you are a control freak then don’t! If you like the idea of having someone else do it all for you then a lot of destination wedding packages come complete with a wedding coordinator and pre-set wedding packages.  They have already thought of the details that will go along with your special day so all you have to do is pick the specifics. It gives you more time to focus on that all important dress!


Who wouldn’t want their wedding celebrations to last longer than one day? Having an overseas wedding means you can really make the most of the time you all have together and fill it with as much pre-wedding and post-wedding special events as you would like to. Additional stag or hen party? Or perhaps you could have your photographer meet you for an extra sunset engagement shoot? The possibilities are endless and it really does make it feel like your wedding lasts longer than just one day.

wedding abroad



You can’t expect everyone you invite will be able to attend. If you are looking for an intimate wedding with only your nearest and dearest then hopefully you should already have a good idea of whether they will be able to travel for your day and what their circumstances will allow. If you envision the best party of your life then realistically going overseas isn’t for you. You cannot expect that all your guests will be able to make it, don’t be disappointed if they can’t. The best way around this is to pick a destination that can be done on a budget as well as luxury, and give your guests plenty of notice – allow for a longer engagement to give your guests the best chance of joining you.


If you are jetting off abroad then the chances are you have whittled your invite list down to only a select few – this may cause offence to the people you haven’t invited. You know you wouldn’t have set out to offend those you haven’t invited, but you have to be prepared that this may happen. A great way around this is having a follow on wedding reception in your hometown if your budget allows.


You have to be ready to have less control of your wedding then if you was to have it on home turf. The main reason – physical distance. It will be difficult for you to pop to the florist or meet with your photographer. You will have to trust this in the hands of your wedding planner, avoid trying to navigate the potential language barriers. Prepare to be restricted on the wedding suppliers you can use. Even if you have a healthy budget and plan on flying your photographer over there with you, some suppliers you just can’t. Your florist, for example, will need to be a local florist, the same as your venue decorating company and where you plan to get your cake from.

Before you book anything, take a trip to go and see your venue where you can. Meet the local suppliers and your wedding planner. These things can all look amazing in a brochure but you really should see your wedding venue before you book. Make sure you are happy in your head with how the process will work.


Unless you plan on jetting off somewhere for your second week you may find yourself sharing your honeymoon with your guests! You’ve already asked them to fly however far for you – you can’t really tell them when they have to leave. If you know you really want alone time after the wedding then do not leave it to chance. Plan a second destination for just the two of you.

No-one can make this decision for you – only you two, so really think it through carefully before you commit. Remember, even abroad you can’t guarantee the weather!

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