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Wedding Inspiration – Bonfire Night

When you think of November 5th what are the first things that come to your mind? For us, it’s vibrant bright colours, the warmth of the bonfire and the delicious smell of toffee apples! Bonfire night is an explosion of the senses and the perfect day for your autumn wedding. We have all the wedding inspiration you need to really make the most of this gorgeous wedding theme.

Wedding Inspiration - Bonfire Night


autumn wedding colour paletteThe colours you can choose for your autumn wedding are vast! We love this berry, burnt orange and burgundy combination. The burnt orange really reminds us of the fire and the deep colours will reinforce the cosy atmosphere!



toffee - apples

Deliciously sweet toffee apples make a fun-filled snack for the kids (and adults!) Jacket potatoes are traditionally eaten on bonfire night and are an excellent addition to your evening buffet! Think lots of mini versions of warming comfort food to enjoy whilst watching the fireworks in the crisp air.


Not every venue will allow for a bonfire so scatter your outdoor area with fire pits. fire pittThey become a lovely focal point for your guests to mingle around and of course are an excellent additional source of warmth. Leave a basket of blankets close to each pit and urge your guests to snuggle! Complete you evening buffet with a DIY dessert.  Create some ready to toast marshmallow pops and you have not only a delicious dessert but entertainment!


You don’t have to wait until the evening to enjoy the wedding fairy lights fireworks to create lovely mood lighting all throughout your day! You can use fairy lights and candles all day to add that sparkling touch. And of course when night-time does fall then don’t shy away from sparklers! They add a whimsical aura to your photographs and offer a more budget friendly alternative if you can’t stretch to the firework display! Looking to add more colour to your evening? Add glow sticks to balloons before you blow them up.

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