Wedding Speeches Who Says What

Wedding Speeches – Who Says What?

Ah the wedding speeches – love them or hate them they are a staple part of any wedding day. If you are opting for the traditional route and have the father of the bride, followed by the groom and finishing with the best man there are some key points that you will be sure you won’t want to miss. Read our run down on wedding speeches – who says what.

The wedding speeches are traditionally after dinner but talk to those who are giving the speeches. If they are nervous then you may want to switch it up and have them at the start of the meal so they can sit back and relax.

Father of The Bride’s Speech

  • Thanks the guests for attending and being a part in the special day
  • Thanks everyone who has contributed to the cost or set up of the wedding in some                 way – don’t overdo it though, traditionally the thank yous are left to the groom.
  • Compliments and praises the bride – and generally points out how lovely she is.
  • Welcomes her new husband into the family
  • Toasts the bride and groom

Length: 6 minutes

Groom’s speech

  • Thanks the father of the bride for his toast       
  • Thanks both sets of parents
  • Thanks the guests for attending, the bridal party (ushers, best man, and bridesmaids)            and hands out any gifts.
  • Compliments his bride – the big one.

Length: 8 minutes

Best Man’s speech

  • Comments on the bridal couple, particularly the groom – yes this is meant to be the               funny speech, but it is also meant to be sincerely reflecting on your relationship with             the groom and complimenting his choice of wife.
  • Reads any messages from absent friends and relatives who couldn’t attend.
  • Ends with a final toast to the bride and groom.

Length: 10 minutes

This is how the wedding speeches are traditionally done – but that doesn’t mean this is how you have to do it! Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular for the bride to get involved with the speech action and take on the thanking of the bridesmaids and also compliment her groom.


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