Wedding StationeryChecklist

The Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist

Not sure where to start with what wedding stationery you will need? We bring you the complete wedding stationery checklist, including all the optional extras you may need along the way and guidance on when for.

Don’t leave thinking about your stationery until the last minute. Go through our complete list and decide what you will need early on to make sure you allocate adequate funds out of the wedding budget. The earlier you start on your stationery the more time you will have for finding the perfect supplier, the designing process, proofing it all and getting it all delivered to your guests.

This will be the first thing your guests see to give them a hint into what they can expect at your wedding – it deserves some love and attention to really get your guests excited.

The Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist

Wedding Stationery Checklist

After Your Engagement


Save The Dates Cards

Wedding Stationery Checklist

Purpose: Let your guests know the date of your wedding in advance of the official invitation being sent out.

When: 6-8 months before your wedding. Consider sending these out earlier if you are going overseas or require your guests to travel for your wedding.


Engagement Party Invitations

Purpose: Many couples will choose to have an engagement party to celebrate the special news with friends and family. Official invitations act as your engagement announcement and ensures your guests have enough notice to come and celebrate with you.

When: As soon after your engagement as possible. At least 8 weeks before the planned party.


Purpose: A special way of asking for people to be a part of your wedding, e.g a bridesmaid or an usher.

When: As soon as you have decided who you would like in your wedding party. At least 6-8 months before your wedding. If it is vital they are involved you could consider sending these out as soon as you have booked your wedding.

The Wedding Invitation Set


Official Wedding Invitations

Purpose: Provide the valuable details your guests will need to attend your wedding. They include the date, time, ceremony location, reception location and if they are able to bring a plus one. Remember you will need one for your ceremony + reception guests and one for your reception only guests. Don’t forget your outer envelopes (for posting) and inner envelopes (for protecting the invitation).

When: At least 4 months prior to the date of your wedding. If you are inviting guests from different countries you may want to send these out before to ensure you have the RSVPs back in time for the caterers.


Purpose: These are the cards your guests will send back to you to let you know if they are able to attend and if they have any specific requirements, e.g dietary or special assistance. You will need to have all of this information for your final numbers so be sure to include a date you want them returned by. These are often accompanied with a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Map & Directions Cards

Purpose: To help provide your guests with the full address of your ceremony and reception venue. This can be particularly handy if you are using a remote venue or have guests visiting from out of town.

Accommodation Cards

Purpose: It is polite to let your guests know about the available local accommodation. You should include at least 3 different price ranges – low, medium and high. Add the details of the accommodation names, addresses and websites. If you have arranged any discount for your guests then include the relevant information on what nights you have this for and what the booking reference they will need to use is.


Purpose: Let your guests know if you have set up an official gift list or what you would like in the form of a wedding present. Include any information on where they can find the list online. If you are asking for money it may be a good idea to pop your account details on here for those who would prefer not to pop it in the card.

Additional Information Card

Purpose: Inform your guests of any other additional information they may be required to know. For example, pointing them in the direction of your wedding website, letting them know any dress code etc.

Wedding Events Itinerary

Purpose: Let your guests know of any additional events you have planned around the wedding should they wish to attend. This is particularly useful if you are inviting guests to join you for a wedding weekend or you are having an overseas wedding. Consider adding these as additional items on your RSVP’s if you need to know exactly who will be joining you.



Order of Service

Purpose: Includes information for your guests for during the ceremony. This includes details of the bridal party, officiant, what they can expect, and music and any readings.

Wedding ProgramME

Purpose: Informs your guests of what will be happening on the day and at what time. This should include the key components of your day after your ceremony – drinks reception, group photograph, receiving line, dinner, speeches, cutting the cake and the first dance. This will ensure your guests won’t miss anything. This can all be displayed on one large print. Be sure to give your ushers a mini version to keep on them to help with keeping the day running smoothly.

Table Plan

Purpose: Helps your guests to find where they will be sat during the wedding breakfast. If you are not having set seating then you also need to let guests know.

Table Numbers/Names

Purpose: Used to identify tables to your guests so it is easier for them to find their correct place.

Place Cards

Purpose: Informs your guests where to sit at the table once they have found it.


Purpose: Inform your guests of the meal they will be having. If you are not having a formal meal then place menu cards by each dish so guests can identify what the food is. If you have given your guests an option of what they could order then it is best if you have a personalised menu for each guest.



Purpose: Your guests may be in an unfamiliar area or building. Having additional signage directing them from the ceremony to the reception avoids guests getting lost. This can also include directions from the car park and to the nearest toilets for larger venues.

Decoration Signage

Purpose: Indicates points of interests for your guests such as a present table, card box, and the guest book. They can also highlight any additional features you have at your wedding you want to be sure your guests don’t miss, such as a dessert table, chocolate fountain, photo booth etc.

After The Wedding

Thank You Cards

Wedding Stationery Checklist

Purpose: Thank your guests for joining you and any present you may have received. If your guests have made a great effort to be with you on your day you should ensure these are personalised messages.

When: This should be done as soon as you have returned from your honeymoon.

The above stationery is all available from Ivy Ellen Wedding Invitations & Stationery.

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