what month is the best to get married in winter

When is the best month to get married?

When is the best month to get married? Is it the spring, summer, autumn or winter months? Well, that all depends on what you want for your wedding day. Let’s take a little look at the key trends of each month and help you decide which month is the right one for your wedding day. 

So you have just got engaged, hopefully, by now you have started to discuss with your other half what type of wedding ceremony is right for you two and you are starting to think about your venue choice. A big choice! But before you get down into the specifics you need to consider what season will complement the overall feel you want for your wedding day.

when is the best month to get married

One advantage of living in the UK is we get to watch the weather change through the seasons during the year. We get the freshness of spring with all its new life and new blooms before the summer sun brings in the long nights. Autumn with all its wonderful colours before winter breaths crisp days and sprinkles of snow. Which means you have a choice (or at least you can try) to select a month in your desired season that you would like best to host your wedding.

Day-to-day you can’t guarantee the weather, but what do the weather trends show, and how might this impact your wedding day?

Spring Weddings – march, April, may

The spring months are a breath of fresh air after a long winter. They bring with them new life, birds singing, beautiful blooms and the first sign of longer days.

Choosing to have your wedding earlier in Spring (March) means you will be able to keep your costs down. With less demand for weddings in this month wedding venues will be cheaper and suppliers will be less in demand meaning you can leave it fairly late to book and potentially grab a great deal.  As Spring marks the start of wedding season you will see a significant increase in the cost of weddings in April and May, as well as an increase in supplier demand.

The advantages of choosing to have a Spring wedding means you get to enjoy all those beautiful spring blooms as they just start to appear. Spring months also see a greater balance between daytime and nighttime leaving you with all the possibilities – sunset photographs, sparkler send-offs and just generally the better chance of enjoying both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your chosen wedding venue. By May the temperature has really started to increase leaving you with a lovely warmth that isn’t going to be too hot to spend the day dressed up.

Choosing a wedding earlier in Spring means you do run the risk of the weather potentially being quite cool and overcast, leaving it until later in Spring (May) when the temperature has started to increase and you run the risk of a higher chance rainfall.

So when is the best month to get married in Spring? If it was up to us, we would say April.  It is warm enough without the risk of having too much rain.

when is the best month to get married in spring

Summer Weddings – June, July, August

Ah summer, when it is good – it is really good! Long evenings sipping on Pimms, BBQs and of course hotter days. The summer months are the traditional favourites for weddings in the UK due to the lower rainfall and longer days.

Choosing to have your wedding earlier in the summer months (June) and you have the longest nights to host your wedding. Opting for later in the summer (July & August) and you have the best chance of the warmest weather out of the year.

It is no secret that the summer months are the most popular but be warned, they are also the most expensive. Suppliers will be extremely in demand and if you are planning a summer wedding you will need to book your venue and suppliers well in advance. We also recommend giving your guests plenty of notice – it is peak holiday season after all. And dare we say it, on a really hot summers day you run the risk of actually being too hot!

When is the best month to get married in Summer?  We vote June! It has the longest days with the best temperatures.

when is the best month to get married in summer

Autumn Weddings – September, October, November

The Autumn months are the wind down after summer. The temperature starts to drop and the trees and plants start to come to the end of their lives leaving you with the most beautiful shades of oranges, reds and browns.

Choosing to have your wedding at the start of autumn (September) and you can still have a relatively warm day with a lower chance of rainfall but if you wait until further into the autumn season (October & November) you can expect the cost of your wedding to reduce significantly.

Having an autumn wedding means your suppliers will be in less demand and you may still have the option of using both indoor and outdoor spaces if you are happy to get some outdoor heating for your guests. Again meaning you get the option of those lovely evening photographs with fairy lights and sparkler send-offs.

The downside to having a wedding in the autumn months is that you have a very high chance of rain with these months having the most rainfall throughout the year (October being the wettest). The temperature will definitely drop the later into autumn you go with the evenings becoming quite cold.

What is the best month for a wedding in Autumn? Definitely September. You have the best chance of the nicest weather, least rain and at a good cost – the perfect compromise.

when is the best month to get married in autumn

Winter Weddings – December, January, February 

If you are a fan of the cold or really want to keep the costs down for your wedding then you may want to consider a winter wedding. The least popular season for weddings however that doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest dependant on when you are looking for.

Having your wedding in the winter months means you have an excellent chance of frost or even snow. Perfect if you are looking for a festive feel for your big day. If you decide to have your winter wedding in December, you may find your wedding venue will already have done some decorating reducing the amount you need. With the shortest days throughout the year, you have an excellent opportunity to grab some sunset photography with some lovely lighting in the winter months. Choosing to have your wedding in December (closer to Christmas) will not be the best option for those of you looking to keep the costs down but weddings in January and February are the cheapest throughout the year.

The downside to having a winter wedding is, of course, the coldest weather throughout the year. You will be limiting yourselves to a predominantly indoor wedding as even with heaters you may not combat the temperatures for outside. You also have a high chance of rain during the winter months and much shorter days.

What is the best month for a wedding in Winter? December! Everyone is in great spirits in the run-up to Christmas and the venue will have done some of the decorating for you!

when is the best month to get married in winter

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