Will a ring be waiting for you on Christmas Eve?

You could be forgiven for thinking that Valentine’s day is the most popular day of the year to propose BUT you would be wrong! The latest Chillisauce Marriage Proposal Survey is out and they have in fact found that the most popular day of the year for marriage proposals is Christmas Eve. Out of a whopping 10,000 people surveyed across the UK they found that 31% opted for Christmas Eve over the more traditional Valentine’s Day.

Best Day of the year survey

Data from Chillisauce Marriage Proposal Survey

Valentine’s day was indeed second in the line up with 22% of the answers.

BUT is this what she would want? The survey went on to ask both men and women when they THINK the ideal day would be. It turns out men opted for Christmas Eve but in fact women would prefer it to be on Valentine’s Day or the date they first met.

Men vs Women Best Day to propose

Data from Chillsauce Marriage Proposal Survey

So men take note, thinking of popping the question tomorrow? It may be worth just biding your time that little longer until Valentine’s Day or the date you first met.


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